CSA Weekly


Finally! Squeals of delight escaped my lips when I dug into our bag this week! There is still an abundance of greens but there are a few gems in here that got me giddy!

First up: a cucumber. I don’t even like cucumber but it was on my shopping list for a veggie tray for this weekend’s festivities so that is one less thing I have to get at the store!


More radishes and snap peas, but in much smaller quantities – these will be perfect for said veggie tray, as well!


String beans! (I haven’t decided if I am going to blanch these for us or if I wanted to add them to the veggie tray as well. Thought? Does anyone else like raw string beans?)


And my prayers tweets have been answered.


New potatoes! There isn’t too many but enough to get my fix! And they are selling them at the farm store as well so if I needed to re-up my stash, I can.


This week, I’m feeling like the level and variety of produce is much more manageable than in weeks past – not sure if there is legitimately that much of a difference or if it is a mindset thing. (I’m pretty sure I’ll resort to a couple green monsters still but I’ve gone a whole week without a salad and I think I can get back on that horse now.)


3 Responses

  1. I sort of can’t believe how many greens you’ve been getting- at least they heard you with the potatoes!

  2. I prefer string beans blanched – they can be a bit chewy otherwise 🙂

  3. I’ve been getting a CSA box this summer too, and even though we’re on different sides of the continent, mine always looks very similar to yours! I ordered the box before I “got sick,” and ironically the thought of most greens makes me ill now. And that’s ALL I’ve been getting – lettuce, cabbage, chard, etc, as well as mass amounts of garlic scapes. But this week I got some things besides leaves! It’s been sort of a blessing though, because even though veggies makes me sick now, getting the box every week has pressured me into eating them anyway.

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