Our Saturday


The weather was gorgeous – one of the five nice days we have had all year. We had no to-do items on the agenda. We spent time together. We ate. We drank. We saw.

It was perfection. Almost.


After a leisurely morning at home, we headed to Whaling Days – did a quick run through of the Art Walk, hit up a friends boat for a beer, enjoyed good conversation and not-so-good live music, did one last walk through of the small street fair and headed to Poulsbo. (The people watching was worth the trip to the festival, even if our stay was brief!)

We camped out at The Loft, our favorite Poulsbo restaurant, known for its great deck with its even greater view.


Thanks to a local coupon deal, we settled into a pre-fixed four-course meal for two for a whopping $35 – what a steal!


We started with vino – I’m usually a red girl but it was so warm and sunny, a crisp chardonnay sounded much more appealing.


For our appetizer, we split the Ahi Poke.


I’ve never had poke before (that sounds strange) but it was really tasty! I could have kept eating it! It was slightly spicy with an Asian flair but the cold appetizer was perfect for a warm sunny day.


We each had a garden salad with raspberry vinaigrette.


For our main course, I elected the grilled chicken plate.


The chicken certainly didn’t appear grilled to me and I was surprised to see it covered with mushroom gravy. It didn’t really scream summery meal to me but it was tasty nonetheless.


The mashed potatoes were cheesy, creamy, and delicious and paired well with the gravy.

Husbands plate was very similar looking – he ordered the beef medallions that were also accompanied by mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes.


He really enjoyed his bacon-wrapped beef! I snagged a bite and it was quite good.

For dessert, we weren’t given an option – a warm brownie sundae was just presented to us. How did they know that was my favorite?


The brownie could have been a bit warmer but we scored with getting a corner piece.

For the $35 coupon deal, this was a fantastic meal but I wasn’t thrilled with the entrees though I don’t think I can really complain. The company and view made for a great evening.


After dinner, we grabbed another drink at Campana’s (very strong drink!) then headed to the movies.



When buying movie tickets online, make sure you have the correct day selected. Otherwise, you may have a young, grungy theater manager coming into the theater you are sitting in hollering for “the two people that have tickets for the Harry Potter 7:20 showing” and having to skulk out of the auditorium and be told you’re an idiot.

Ok, so he didn’t say we were idiots; I think he was equally as embarrassed as we were. I mean, we did get by the ticketing gal with two-day-old tickets. Oops. The manager was actually super nice and worked with us on trying to figure out what to do with our tickets. The next showing for HP7.2 wasn’t for a couple more hours, unfortunately and we had a giant tub of popcorn in our possession.

He actually suggested that we sit in on another movie that got out 10 minutes before the next HP7.2 started and thus an unintentional double-header movie night was born.


I was pleasantly surprised by Cowboys vs. Aliens. Olivia Wilde is totally hot and the movie was actually pretty interesting.

And Harry Potter 7.2? Um, intense. And totally awesome. And I may have cried when *spoiler alert* I thought Harry had to die.

We also got a free refill on our enormously large bucket of popcorn so it was a win-win all around and I’m slightly embarrassed still.


5 Responses

  1. Love your necklace! Way to turn a potential embarrassing evening into a sweet night at the movies!

  2. I really want to see Cowboys and Aliens! It looks goofy but good.

  3. Sounds like all in all it was a good date day 🙂

  4. looks fun. we’ve been meaning to venture out to Poulsbo..I think it’s so cute!
    yeah..that movie thing is annoying! they need to fix that!

  5. Sounds like such a fun date day!

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