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Seven Links

So I’m sure you guys have seen this kind of post floating around the blogosphere – I know I’ve seen Matt and Caitlin do it and most recently, Cassie tagged me! Honestly, I was a bit worried about coming up with these links but decided to forge on and see what I could come up with.

Most Beautiful Post


Yes, I’m a total sap. My wedding was one of the most beautiful and fun days of my life so it is only fitting that my ENTIRE wedding page, complete with a drunk youTube video, is the link.

Most Popular Post

Surprisingly, Brie’s guest post is my singular most viewed post, mostly because “Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Before After” and every combination of those words is the number one searched term that leads to my blog and she mentions it in her post. And she’s awesome.

My own most popular post is The Top Ten Reasons I Stop Following Your Blog.

So, I used to do the daily eats thing. And I would make sure I had a post scheduled to go up every. single. day. And one day, I didn’t have anything food-related I wanted to share. So I threw up a fun post about The Top Ten Reasons I Stop Following Your Blog. It was just all in fun, and gawd, the formatting was awful, but I was surprised by how many comments I got from lurkers and newcomers and loved that strangers were retweeting it!

Most Controversial Post

This one is easy for me to pick. And while the subject matter is completely trivial (my hair), it is the only time I’ve had to use my administrator powers and remove comments because they were just plain nasty. Now, I don’t mind constructive criticism by any means but not having a point to your comment other than to point out my physical appearance flaws is just rude and unacceptable. What do you mean I have a big nose?! GASP! It’s not like I’ve been living with it on my own face for the past almost-26-years. Thanks, Ms. Obvious.

Also, I posted a book review on Under The Banner of Heaven and preemptively passworded the post because I knew religious debate would be a touchy subject but alas, very few people actually contacted me to get the password so it was a bit of a dud. I might have preferred a good heated debate instead.

Most Helpful Post

So, I try really hard to not be preachy. I’m certainly not an expert on anything. Everything I know is through trial and error. So I had a really difficult time selecting this post about all of my gastro-intestinal issues over the past couple of years. I think it is one of the more helpful topics not only on the blog but in my life. I am constantly talking about the distress I went through and how it was resolved. It seems like you can hardly meet anyone nowadays that doesn’t have some sort of food issue. I hope that more people will turn to Naturopathic means to cope with it as it has obviously changed my life. (Another popular “helpful” post is my Detox series, just in case you are curious.)

A Post Whose Success Surprised You

I totally jumped on a bandwagon and made cake balls. Nothing new here. No revelations. No twists or anything. Just cake balls. And a crap ton of them. But for some reason, it’s up in my top ten most viewed posts – namely due to appearing on Freshly Pressed… I think. And who doesn’t like cake? Or balls?

A Post You Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved


Oh, guff. This is a toughy. I just assume that if a post didn’t get attention, it sucked. Or was at least not particularly noteworthy.

I’ll go with my Halfway Through 2011 post. I got NO comments on it at all and dismal views. I’m going to just blame it on the holiday weekend. I wish that I had gotten more support on it because I feel like people forget about their resolutions by the end of January and I’m making a concerted effort to stick to mine as much as I can.  And I was genuinely curious as to how everyone else’s goals were going as well. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

The Post You Are Most Proud Of

So, maybe not the post, per say but the event? Well, my recent half marathon is probably my proudest. It is something that I never in a million years thought I would be able to do and I did it – and came out of it with all ten of my toenails still attached!
And now for the tagging! I have to pick 5 other beautiful bloggers to share their Seven Links:

Brie at Brie-Fit.com
Hallie at HealthyTwists.com
Janetha at MealsandMovesBlog.com
Susan at TheGreatBalancingAct.com
Lisa at 110pounds.com


3 Responses

  1. I love your The Top Ten Reasons I Stop Following Your Blog post! I have it bookmarked 🙂

  2. Your posts are always fun to read. I especially like the “Top Ten Reasons I Stop Follwing your Blog”. (and am guilty of almost all of the offending behaviors!)

  3. […] few weeks. But admittedly, was a little bummed no one tagged me. Enter my dear friend Leah, who swooped in to save the day. Dude, when you’re sick, a flashback link post is the easiest kind […]

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