CSA Weekly

CSA Weekly 007

Okay. It is officially time to break out the blender. Can’t. Handle. All. These. Greens. If I have to eat another salad, I’m gonna shank a bitch.

Thus, the return of the Green Monster, though there is a significant lack of sun in these parts the past couple days making it a rather chilly breakfast.


In other CSA excitement, I am the proud owner of my first Kohlrabi.

CSA Weekly 019

Also, I’m mustering up the courage to attempt to eat radishes now that I have 3 bunches clogging up my veggie drawer.

CSA Weekly 010

Don’t worry. I’ve got a bomb recipe pinned for the occasion!


One Response

  1. I love that CSA’s force creativity in recipes and help me eat veggies I wouldn’t normally!

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