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Our New Home

As you guys know, we moved into a new (rental) house on the 1st of July. A lot of people really like the walking tour of our last place so I thought I would do it again! It’s also nice for non-local relatives to see, like my mommy in Montana! Enjoy!


PS – What are your thoughts on split levels? This house was on the market before turning into a rental and obviously didn’t have any takers but 1970’s split levels seem to be really popular in our area!


9 Responses

  1. Love it Leah! I think split levels are OK. Some parts are awesome, (like everything being on one floor and accessible), but it always seems when they are set up like this one that the bottom floor rarely gets used so sometimes it seems like wasted space? Either way, I love the backyard and deck! Really nice 🙂

  2. Split levels will always have a special place in my heart! It’s crazy how similar they all really are too! I think the yoga room idea is great for you guys…or just an overall gym type area as time goes by. Why not turn it…or a part of it into a man cave? I dunno. In ours it was our family room…and we spent lot of time in it. Videos of ours completed still to come (cause we’re STILL unpacking, etc), but if you wanna see it before the move in, Matt posted it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEZJThqqdyg

  3. It looks like a really cute place!

  4. LOVE IT! 🙂 Love how Pippin is hanging too – what a sweet pup!

  5. I love split levels! However, I’ve never had the opportunity to live in one. Not sure if I would still love it if I lived in one!

  6. You two have made it a home! Did you pick this place becuase of Pippen (sweet dog by the way)?…Yes, the NW seems to have ALOT of split levels, after growing up in one for 15 years, when it was time for me and my husband to buy, we knew we wanted a Rambler (1 story), I think the Split Levels were built because you could get more home for less money, they were more affordable than the ramblers, since you built up and took up less land. Ive seen some amazing remodels on split levels…..Hope you enjoy your new home….Carla

  7. The yard is definitely the selling point! Not a big fan of the split level, they are confusing when you come in…do I go up or down. I think Janet was on the right track to a man cave/party room for the bottom room, especially since it extends to the outside. But a work out room would probably suit you two best. I’ll have to arrange a visit.

  8. It’s lovely!!! I’m so jealous! My cats would go nuts with all that space 🙂

  9. Lovely home,congrats!

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