CSA Weekly, One Month In

Four Tuesdays in a row, I’ve travelled a few miles north to a local farm to pick up a small share of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Every week, the bag has gotten a little bit heavier and a little more diverse.


(Look! New countertops that aren’t yellow!)

We still have 3 more months to go but we’ve already started to take note of how it has changed our habits and if it is worth the money. I’m not ready to give an answer to the latter but I have certainly noticed small shifts in our eating patterns, and more specifically in my cooking patterns. Granted, a lot of this is the midst of a move where most routines are disheveled, regardless.

I find myself more hesitant to have a strict meal plan. A rough idea? Sure.


I have a less specific grocery list. The essentials, regularly stocked foods, yes. But specific ingredients for specific meals? Not really. I’m also more inclined to grab things that “look good”.


And since I don’t have a meal plan and recipes to follow, I’m a little more free spirited in the kitchen. I find myself randomly throwing in garlic scapes or mystery greens in the mix. Stir fry’s and sauté’s are becoming a regular occurrence, as have massive 9×13’s of roasted veggies and failed attempts at pad thai.


I’m going to try to get back on the horse with meal planning and leave the CSA veggies to be supporting characters instead of dictators. I’m starting to miss the routine and trying new recipes.


2 Responses

  1. I just picked up my CSA and have definitely found it to be a challenge to plan meals- not nearly as much control as before but I’m learning about so many new foods!

  2. We love our CSA at my house. Like you our bounty seems to grow each week.
    I have found I don’t make any meal plans until I pick up my bag and then plan around that.
    However I feel much more inclined to “create” when I am looking at all of that beautiful colors.
    Let your imagination run…don’t put the veggies on the side 🙂

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