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Halfway Through

Today marks the halfway point of 2011. Can you believe it? I can’t. And today, we are moving. I can’t believe that either.

Back in January, along with probably half the population, I made some goals for this year. And I certainly haven’t forgotten about them at all. I’ve made some serious headway on a couple and not much of any progress on a couple and I’m okay with that.

Get a raise.

And not just a little chump one. I’m going all out here and aiming for a steep 15% raise.


Well, this is a halfway success. I approached my boss about it in April and in May, he gave me a 7% raise effective in June. Nothing to complain about by any means and I’m very grateful but I’m not close to my steep goal and moreover, I don’t foresee that happening by the end of the year either. Oh well. I guess this one gets a B.

Pay down debt.

And since numbers make goals easier to asses, I’m going to say that collectively, the husband and I, need to pay down at least $10k in credit card debt.


Sadly, this one hasn’t seen much headway yet. Between a few unexpected bills and an unexpected move, we’ve only dropped it down by $1,500. Good. But not good enough. Hopefully (with the help of my recent raise), we can see some more headway on this for the remainder of the year. But for now, I’ll give us a D+. (Pssst! Looking for ways to save money? How about earning giftcards to your favorite stores? Check out SwagBucks)!

Read more.

And for numbers sake, I’m going to say 12 books next year. One a month. I think it is doable. I want a nice mix of fun leisurely reads and educational reads.


This is a grand slam, folks! That’s an A+! Thanks to using Goodreads, this was a really easy challenge for me. Also, using my county’s online library system to add books and place them on hold to pick up at my local branch has made it really easy. I really don’t like browsing in the library aimlessly so this was a total win. I could run in and out with books in under 3 minutes thanks to Express Self Check-out.

As a result of the obviously too-low of a goal initially, I’m doubling my goal for the end of the year which again, I see no problems with being able to easily achieve.

Complete New Rules of Lifting for Women program.

My goal is to finish it – with before and after pictures to show for it.


Well, I actually did not get around to taking pictures. But that’s okay by me. I’m in the last stage of the program so we can pretty much check this one off this list as well. A+ for me! (And huz!) Stay tuned for what’s next!

Get outside.

I am hoping we spend some time working on the yard, hiking, and taking Pippin out.


It has been one wet and cold year so far but I am really proud with the progress we’ve made on this. We built a veggie garden that got us out. We’ve been running outside 2-3 times a week. We’ve been walking Pippin on the daily. We’ve spent time roaming the streets of Seattle and Poulsbo’s Farmers Market. We haven’t gotten around to hiking much yet but that’s on the agenda for August and September. So this is getting a solid B+ considering the year we’ve had so far.


So that’s my five goals. I’m definitely on a good track and am proud.

How are your goals shaping up?

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