Dear Mom,

We hope you are having fun in South Africa! We’re having fun hanging out with Ryan while you are gone.


Don’t worry, that’s not a real beer in his underage hand – it’s a locally made ginger beer we acquired at the Farmer’s Market. I’m being a good big sister and not force-feeding him brewskies.

But I am force-feeding him Sluy’s because I knew you’d be mad if I told you we hung out in Poulsbo and he didn’t get Sluy’s.


Best cranberry orange scone ever. Don’t worry, we’ve been working on that whole chewing-with-your-mouth-closed concept. And making him do the dishes everyday. And making him walk the dog everyday. I get why people have children. I really do.

We couldn’t help but think of you while perusing the local shops.


We think that this should also equate to “What Happens on Safari, Stays on Safari.” I know how things can get when you finally don’t have a teenager lurking around and staying up until all hours of the night.

We’ve been trying to keep him entertained but so far, he’s managed to sleep through a lot including a yoga session and a trip to the Naval Museum but somehow, he always manages to be around for dinner.


We’ve been keeping him well fed, even with the noticeable lack of beef. We’re not in cattle country anymore, little brother. He even kind of enjoyed a *gasp* vegetarian meal. Also, I can not believe how much milk that kid goes through or how fast a box of Cheez-its can disappear.

We shipped him off to Opa’s for a few days so we can recoup our losses before this upcoming weekend. We’ve got some big things planned! In the meantime, we’re going to enjoy some quiet time and getting to bed at a reasonable hour and Pippin is going to return to wallowing in self pity sleeping on his bed while we’re at work.


Much love,

The Big Sis


2 Responses

  1. This is so cute!! I have five teenage step-siblings that I’ve been living with/spending a lot of time with since moving back home. I tooootally get the milk and Cheez-its thing 😉

  2. Dear Leah and Jodus,

    Thank you for taking care of the baby. I can’t wait to share with you everything, um, I mean almost everything that happened on Safari! I love the photo of Jodus and the cabin sign, his expression is priceless!

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