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U2 360 Tour Seattle


We had the most amazing Saturday ever.


For Huz’s 27th birthday, I bought him tickets to see U2 Live in Seattle.

Then Bono broke his back.

And it got rescheduled for a year later.

So he has been ever-so-patiently waiting for this day for his whole life nearly two years.


The concert was amazing. But more on that in a second.

The other thing that made the day perfect was the weather.


It was one of those Seattle days that make up for 6 months of grumbling about the dreary rain.


We spent the entire day in the city.

First stop: Chipotle for lunch.


I love love love Chipotle but since we moved over to Kitsap last year, we haven’t really been close to one. I made it top priority for this trip.


And it was as amazing as I remembered!

We spent the entire afternoon roaming around in the glorious 75* weather.


We wandered the ever-impressive Olympic Sculpture Park.


We walked all along the water very casually, sitting on park benches we passed, watching the tourists fawn over our beautiful city.


Our hours of walking and peeking in boutique furniture shops led us to the Holy Grail: Rock Bottom for Happy Hour drinks.


I started with their Special Dark – a stout.


We sat out on the deck for over an hour and debated on dinner options but just decided to stay put in our primo location.

Huz ordered the epic 2AM Burger.


My dear friends, this is a burger. A burger with fried egg and a hashbrown patty. Oh yes. And it’s a hot delicious mess of a burger.

I ordered the Chicken Waldorf Salad (no celery!).


It was really flipping good and totally hit the spot for this warm evening.

Another beer did too.


We moseyed our way down to Qwest Field for the concert and just could not get over the weather!


We had pretty decent seats in close proximity to beer so we were happy though I really don’t think there was a bad seat in the whole house.


The stage was very alienesque and very interesting. I was definitely curious to see what they were going to do with it!

Lenny Kravitz was the opener.


I’m almost embarrassed to admit this but I know Lenny Kravitz is a big deal and generally a household name. But I couldn’t tell you a single song that he wrote.

Until I heard American Woman. And Fly Away.

Wait, that’s Lenny Kravitz? He’s pretty damn cool!


(I’m a retard sometimes.)


U2 came on just after 9pm.


The thing I really loved about the whole concert, from down time between the opener the transitions, etc. was the very clear message that U2 portrayed about Amnesty International, democracy in general, and your ability to afflict change.


U2 played for over 2 hours and the time just flew by.


It was really neat as the evening progress and the skies got darker. (We also totally scored by having the people in front of us leave halfway through!)


The last huge concert we went to was Lady Gaga and it was interesting to compare the two. Mother Monster was much more theatrical whereas U2 was more focused on the music but both music moguls have that strong political message that they are trying to convey.


The concert got out after 11pm and we slowly made our way back to the ferry to wait for the 12:50 ferry, completely exhausted but our hearts filled with joy.


This day is certainly a day that we are going to remember for the rest of our lives.

11 Responses

  1. I’m curious, are you friends with Emily of The Daily Garnish? She and her husband just moved to Seattle and you two seem like you would totally hit it off. 🙂 (And no, she doesn’t know me, just like you don’t know me. I just happen to read both your blogs.)

    • I’ve read her blog and commented a couple times but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know me. We aren’t in Seattle too often.

  2. Aww what an amazing day! Looks like a fantastic time! Doesn’t a bright sunny day just make everything better!?

  3. I’m officially jealous! That would pretty much be an ideal perfect weekend for us too 😉

  4. We are going tomorrow in Oakland! What time did your show start and wrap up? We are trying to figure out the best mode of traveling to the show!

  5. This looks like such a great show! The weather is absolutely beautiful too. Don’t feel bad about Lenny Kravitz, I didn’t know what he sang either. Until now.

  6. Your patience on the concert really paid off! I am so glad that you enjoyed it. Seeing U2 and Lenny Kravitz is super, but the rest of the day would have made it extra special!

  7. I LOVE Chipotle too! I go there expressly to get a mound of that amazing guac:)

  8. We ha so much fun at the U2 concert in Winnipeg. They celebrated the birthday of Amnesty International here and we all sang happy birthday! That stage was something else though!!! Great show!!

  9. What a cool day! My husband LOVES U2 – but they don’t often come to Iowa 😦

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