Our First Anniversary

Even though we officially celebrated our anniversary with a fancy (to us) dinner on Saturday night, we still made sure that Monday, our actual anniversary, was something special.


What’s more special than heart shaped pancakes?

NOTHING, that’s what!


We actually got up around 7:30 and went to the gym to do some weights. (Who are we?) Pancakes were a delicious post-workout breakfast. I actually tried out a new brown rice flour in these and it worked pretty well! They ended up being pretty rice-y since I also used rice milk and brown rice protein powder in them. Rice is the new wheat?

After breakfast, we exchanged gifts. We really can’t wait and I was actually bugging him all weekend long about opening them! Yes, I’m a five year old.


We decided to do “traditional” wedding gifts so the first year is paper.

Husband did a great job and loaded me up on some seriously awesome books!341342348345346

I need to acquire a few new flours and some xanthan gum to put that new GF/DF cookbook for a spin! I was also super excited to see my beloved cashew cream incorporated into many of the recipes!

I took advantage of the paper theme to get a little crafty cute on my husband.


I totally stole this idea from Angela: an anniversary book with a mini-recap of each year that we are married.


We haven’t decided yet if this is something we are going to do co-operatively or just me or alternate years of being in charge like Angela and Eric do. We have some time to figure it out I guess.


Along with a few pictures from our year, I included a few different tid-bits like Stuff We Did:


Stuff We Love:


And Stuff That Happened:


I think it’ll be really fun in twenty, thirty, forty years to look back on things like the price of gas and what our favorite foods were.

Since that gift was technically for the both of us, I also created a dorky little coupon book for the husband.


I picked 12 different things I thought he would like, many food and alcohol related to treat him to throughout the next year.


I had a lot of fun goofing off and putting this together and laughing at my own artistic ability. I’ll refrain from showing you the steaming pile of shit I drew for his “Get Out of Scooping” coupon.


We spent the rest of the morning being totally lazy. Lunch was quick leftovers, followed by a puketastic speedwork session at the track – my first ever. (Why did we exercise twice on our Monday off and anniversary? Again, who are we?)

After a much needed shower (I’m pretty sure I still had casino smoke in my hair from Saturday), we made a nice dinner for two.

356 - Copy

Husband set the table – made me so proud!


Husband grilled a whole chicken.


We brined it in beer, water, salt and garlic powder then rubbed it with a few of our favorite seasonings.


We used the charcoal side of the grill and had it over indirect heat for 30 minutes on each side.


The skin got nice and crispy – far superior to my average roasted chicken!


And we split a bottle of wine – the same red wine we had at our rehearsal dinner last year!


To go with the chicken, I did some quick asparagus and roasted sweet potatoes in the oven.

339 - Copy

It’s pretty much the perfect dinner.

To celebrate the day, we also went through our guest book and wedding album to relive the moments. Husband also went through all of our wedding/honeymoon blog posts! (Boy, did we eat a lot that trip!)

We also got to relive our gorgeous wedding cake.

316 - Copy

Ok, so it isn’t so gorgeous now. My Aunt and Oma took the top tier after the reception and carted it in their van all the way back home to Olympia. It lived there for a few months until we finally had a hand off. I think it might have gotten a little melty once or twice and didn’t look like it had held up well. But we were devoted to the tradition, we had to at least have a bite.


And it was vile.

366 - Copy

I  mustered two bites before tossing it in the garbage and grabbing a carton of Butter Pecan non-dairy ice cream.

All in all, we had a lovely day and super fun weekend. I’m looking forward to so many more!


11 Responses

  1. I can’t believe the cake was bad! Too bad! (clearly I love cake- I probably would’ve forced the whole piece down 🙂 ) Sounds like a great anniversary and what great gifts!

  2. Happy anniversary! The gifts and food look great. Especially that chicken. NOM

    I like the scrapbook. Great idea!

  3. congrat’s to a splendid year! May the next year be equally as grand!

  4. Awww thats beautiful, too bad the cake went sour.

  5. This is really beautiful, what a fun gifts to each other!!! I love it from food to your pictures!!! Happy anniversary, I wish you both many, many more!!!!

  6. Love this! I might have to steal that idea for a book of “i love you” coupons!

  7. Sounds like you had wonderful day with lovely gifts and food, except for the cake. I have yet to find someone who like their “freezer” wedding cake after a year or more, so I wonder how that idea ever got started!
    Happy Anniversary-I wish you two the best!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I was having fun reading and thinking how adorable you are and then I saw your favorite bakery! We made the blog and that is awesome, thank you!!!

  9. happy anniversary lovely post congrats to both of you

  10. Happy anniversary to both of you! Sounds like a great weekend of celebrations. Here’s to many more years (*clinking of glasses*).

  11. Happy Anniversary!!! What a awesome year Leah!!! Love your book!! We celebrated our 8th on 6/2…..I wish you many many more happy years!!

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