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Hi-Lo’s 15th Street Café

Any morning after a few cocktails and wine and feasting on amazing food requires greasy diner breakfast. It’s just a rule.


After our extravagant evening at Hitchcock and one too many cosmos at the casino, it was my only request. Husband did a quick search on Google for a good new-to-us diner to suit my needs and boy, did he find a good one!

Hi-Lo’s 15th Street Café is full of character. From the VW trunk as a coffee station to the antiquated thermoses that line the walls to the vintage lunch boxes, there is no doubt left in your mind that this is a fun, laid back diner full of charm.


Case in point:


Please note the lunchboxes and thermoses, mismatched coffee mugs, old VW van models, and about a hundred different hot sauces. My kind of place.


(Awesome post-drinking hair if I do say so myself!)

I ordered one of the specials: greek scramble.


It was pretty good – too much feta for my liking but it was a huge portion and pretty damn cheap.

Husband ordered the biscuits and gravy.


Yep, you heard me right. That is biscuits and gravy. Apparently, they put their biscuit batter in the waffle iron. How amazing is that?! It actually tasted like a biscuit but looked like a waffle and certainly got the wheels turning in my head about waffles in general and left me really wanting to experiment more with  my waffle iron!

All in all, it was a great diner experience. The prices were low, the portions were big, and you can’t help but smile in there, even with a hangover.


8 Responses

  1. I love diners. Nothing like greasy food on the weekend! Biscuits AS waffles. Yeah, someone needs to figure out a recipe asap.

  2. Glad to see you found one of the local hidden treasures. I love this place….great lunches too
    I love seeing mugs that bring me back to my nostalgic childhood!

  3. I can’t for the life of me remember where I found it, but I saw a recipe for chocolate chip cookies in the waffle-maker…I didn’t save it cause we don’t have (or have space FOR) a waffle maker, but I’ll see if I can track it down for you…

  4. P.S. The only thing I hate about Tucson is not enough local diners to try out – one of my and Dylan’s fave things to do The Morning After 🙂

  5. Diners always have such comfort food for breakfast. Also, each and everyone has something special about the atmosphere. I am ready to go now! Thanks for sharing your eating experience!

  6. I like looking at reports of little trips and restaurants.

  7. I need waffle biscuits. NOW.

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