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Hitchcock Restaurant

Like any newly engaged couple, August of 2009 was filled with beginnings of planning a wedding. We did a lot of preliminary research on locations before settling on a destination-style wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada. The next step was pinning down a date – this proved to be far easier than deciding the location!

Memorial Day weekend was a no brainer for us. Given that we were doing a destination wedding, having it over a 3-day weekend would prove to be very convenient for many travelers and we loved the idea of our anniversary being around a long weekend.

The problem, that we have quickly discovered, is that by having a Memorial Day weekend anniversary, it is a high travel day for everyone. It is unofficially the beginning of camping season around these parts or trips to the shore and heading east to the vineyards. Because of this, hotels often require a decent amount of advance notice and you often have to reserve the entire weekend.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but we hummed and hawed back and forth about doing something a little too long and in the end, decided that a weekend getaway just wasn’t in the cards for us, mostly financially at this point. And with the news of an unexpected move last week, I’m relieved we didn’t plan an extravagant anniversary.

There will be many more anniversaries in our future to spoil ourselves in gluttony and romanticism for an entire weekend.

But we couldn’t just let the weekend go completely unnoticed, naturally. We made reservations for Saturday night (though our true anniversary was Monday but Monday’s just don’t seem as celebratory as a Saturday) at a local farm to table organic restaurant on Bainbridge Island: Hitchock.


Hitchcock was brought to my attention months ago by a coworker and I’ve had it shuffled away in my mind for a special occasion. The price point is a bit higher than we can justify for a normal dining experience but was a perfect compromise for celebrating our anniversary with some class without totally breaking the bank.

We wandered around Winslow (that was unhappily under massive construction and was not conducive to tromping around in stilettos!) and did a bit of wine tasting at eleven.


We did a tasting of each of their wines they had available and took quite a liking to their malbec but at $33 a bottle, we passed on taking any home with us.

We killed some time by grabbing drinks at Café Nola, right next to Hitchcock. (We’ve been here for once before and enjoyed the atmosphere.) It was a gorgeous evening out so we grabbed seats on the deck.


Beer for the boy, pomegranate martini for the girl.


Hitchcock turned out to be a small, cozy restaurant, much smaller than I had imagined but I really liked the feel of it. I imagine that if we lived closer (it is about a 45 minute drive), it would be in dangerous proximity and too easy to go more regularly.


We started with a bottle of vino – something we never do. I’m pretty certain that the last (and only?) time we’ve ordered a whole bottle was Valentine’s Day 2010.


This was a new wine that they had that was highly recommended. I tried not to audibly gasp at the price tag but it was a rather good wine.


We started with bread and olives.


Oh, these olives. They were amazing. Not overly salty, seasoned with a bit of oil and lemon zest. I’d come back just for the olives.

And the bread. Oh, the bread. This is the first real non-spelt bread I’ve had all year. Going in to this dinner, I decided that I would try to make wise decisions to stay within my diet boundaries but I would also be okay with breaking a few rules for the sake of enjoying this meal to the fullest. This bread was one of those things. And the sweet cream butter sprinkled in sea salt was divine.

For my salad, I selected the arugula with lemon, golden raisins, pine nuts, and parmesan.


I thoroughly enjoyed this salad – the peppery arugula with the sweetness of the golden raisins and the light lemony oil dressing was totally up my alley.


Husband ventured out for his starter – he ordered the pork loin with orange sorbet.


It was an interesting plate that I rather enjoyed my stolen bites of.

My entrée was a no-brainer. As soon as I saw gnocchi on the menu, I looked no further.


Asparagus gnocchi with carrot foam.


It also made me realize that my gnocchi making skills are rather inadequate. These were like eating air, they were so light and pillowy. I have a feeling that I overwork the dough. Note taken.

Husband ordered the hangar steak with roasted potatoes.


The bites I had were heavenly, but it should be noted I haven’t had beef in months. I thought it was perfectly seasoned and the reduction was a perfect compliment.


And you haven’t properly dined until you’ve enjoyed dessert.

My first choice was the crème brûlée.


My second choice was the chocolate mousse so husband obliged me and ordered that for “himself”.


The portions were perfect after a decadent meal and not overly sweet.

Overall, we really enjoyed Hitchcock. The staff was pleasant (though I was irritated by the lack of returned calls when making the reservations but hopefully that has been addressed) and knowledgeable. I absolutely stand 100% behind the concept of the restaurant – everything is fresh, local, organic, and seasonal. Next time we return, I would like to take advantage of the chef’s tasting menu – you name your price and they indulge you in whatever suits their fancy.

We finished our evening with an impulse trip to the casino on the way home. We mostly  hung out in the bar with cocktails in hand, listening to an Elvis and his band.


I proceeded to lose $40 rather quickly in the nickel slots and then we called it a night.

After a quick trip to the grocery store, that is.

Which I don’t recommend after 3 cocktails and a bottle of wine.

But it did give me the courage to grab a $20 bottle of grapeseed oil for some reason…

4 Responses

  1. Looks like a fun celebration! There’s nothing better than really great food and good weather to make something feel like a special day. My aunt and uncle have been living on Bainbridge Island for the last year- I wonder if they’ve been to Hitchcock!

  2. Looks like a blast!! Congrats again!!

  3. Looks awesome!!! I’ve never been a fan of foam though. Always looks like spit to me… 😛

  4. I had the asparagus gnocchi a couple weeks ago and I was *very* happy. Yum yum. I, too, need to improve my gnocchi skills; they are so tasty.

    The chef tasting menu at Hitchcock is super fun. You just tell them what you don’t like, and they bring you whatever they feel like. I think this includes stuff they are trying out for future menus, which is fun.

    We did a $40/person and it was almost too much food. We were served oysters, then two or three appetizers (I honestly don’t remember but I think it might’ve been three), then smaller-sized portions of two entrees, and then dessert. I’d be totally satisfied with a $30 or $35/person spread next time.

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