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Sockeye Sales

I know that couponing is becoming a totally cool thing to do now but that always hasn’t been the case. But me? My mom taught me well. I’ve been couponing since I was old enough to use scissors. (True story.)


(OMG I would kill for some pink striped pants right about now! Especially if they matched my momma’s blouse!)

But my biggest gripe about people bragging about their killer deals is that really does anyone need more than 3 bottles of shampoo? It seems like all the kick-butt and totally brag-worthy deals are on stuff I wouldn’t buy and especially wouldn’t buy on the regular. (And I find that Costco prices on things like shampoo tend to be competitive with these coupon deals anyway.)

But this past week, in my coupon clipping endeavors, I found a coupon that got me really excited and even had me rearranging my weekend schedule so I could make use of said coupon.



Wild. Sockeye. Salmon.

On sale.

For $5.99 a pound.

Yeah, that’s a killer deal. And in case you aren’t up to snuff on salmon prices, Fred Meyer (where I used this said coupon) usually sells the shit for $12.99 per pound making it a tad spendy for a regular weeknight meal. But at $5.99 per pound, over 50% off of WILD CAUGHT SEAFOOD was in my hot little hands faster than you can actually say wild sockeye salmon.

We ended up getting 2 giant fillets that weighed in at over 2lbs each so it’s still a decent chunk of change (over $25) of our grocery bill but we get 6-8 meals out of one fillet so that works out to be pretty damn slick. I’m actually kicking myself for only getting 2 fillets instead of maxing out the coupon at 10 pounds of meat but it just wasn’t in the budget this go around.

So I made awesome Quinoa Salmon Stew with a few modifications (extra lemon, added spinach, and obviously no fennel).


This is a recipe I make a few times a year and has never failed me. Quick, easy, one-pot wonder.

I also did some plain jane salmon with a lemon cashew cream sauce on top (recipe to come in a later post!).


Salmon is one of those things that is amazing plain. I lurve it.

And I must say, it tastes even better knowing you got a killer deal out of it.

We also have an entire fillet in the freezer that we are saving for a rainy sunny day. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I really should have gotten a couple more. Oh well.


3 Responses

  1. Salmon is so delicious. It doesn’t need much. Sometimes just some pepper and fresh lemon slices is all I need!

  2. Wow, that is an amazing deal! I love salmon plain, too- especially broiled with a sprinkle of tarragon. 🙂 I’m not really big on couponing for food items (clothes are a whole different ball of wax). That’s why I’m addicted to Trader Joe’s. No coupons, just good prices on everything!

  3. Mmmm Salmon. You forgot to share the most important part of your couponing lessons…you got for your allowance as much as you could save me in coupons!

    Hey, thanks for sharing my 80’s hair….

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