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The Ew Factor

I really pride myself on eating a really wide variety of foods. I’m definitely more adventurous than I think most and I don’t think anyone would ever dare call me a picky eater. I’m not scared of anchovies or fish sauce (except maybe on pizza). I’m always trying new-to-me veggies, especially if they are big and green and leafy. When dining out, I always look to order something I wouldn’t necessarily  make at home just to diversify a bit. But there are a few things I won’t touch with a 10 foot pole and always get written out of any recipe I try.

Black Licorice



And anything vaguely resembling the flavor of licorice to include (but not be limited to): anise, fennel, tarragon. I won’t touch black jelly belly’s. Jägermeister makes me hurl on impact. I’ve even been known to throw away an entire box of herbal tea as soon as I smell the slightest waft of the licorice aroma. I just can’t hang. I think this is a “normal” dislike but I think I am definitely slightly more extreme than most as I can’t even stomach the slightest hint of licorice flavor and as a result, generally can’t order chai tea in restaurants or buy a box without scouring the ingredient list for anise. And that’s a shame, too, since anise is such a beautiful spice.

Tasteless Crunch



Cucumbers. Celery. Water Chestnuts. Yuck, yuck, and more yuck. I will go to great lengths to pick celery out of soups and water chestnuts out of stir fry’s. I . Just. Don’t. Like. Them. I know, I know, “But they don’t taste like anything!” Honestly, I think it is mostly a texture issue, especially with the water chestnuts. And celery is stringy and gross unless coated with mass quantities of peanut butter. And even then, it is only tolerable since it is a vehicle for nut butter goodness. But I’d rather just have a spoon, thanks. Also, I want to add radishes to this list. I know they are a little peppery but I have a general dislike for them as well. And the only time I can really handle cucumber is when it is in tzatziki sauce and smothered in a gyro.

And speaking of cucumbers…




Did you know that a pickle is just a cucumber that’s been pickled? I know it seems obvious. The resemblance of a pickle and cucumber is uncanny but there are people out in the world (that I may or may not be married to) that don’t know this!

And honestly, I don’t really like anything pickled. Which is odd to me because I really like vinegar. And there used to be a time (high school) that I could down an entire jar of zesty pickle spears in one sitting. But now, if a pickle is even touching a french fry in my burger basket, they get cast away. But then I’ll douse the fries in malt vinegar because I obviously make no logical sense. I think it’s all mental at this point. Or maybe it’s just me that is mental.




This always makes me think of a scene from a movie or a show that I can’t think of right now where the gal is at a restaurant and orders something and requests for no parsley, and says she’s allergic. But she’s not. And her date picks a fight with her about it. Was it a Sex and the City episode? I think it was. Hmm… Anyway, I always want to say I’m allergic to it because I think it tastes soapy and restaurants can go waaay overboard with it as a “garnish” and as an ingredient, I don’t think it generally adds anything to a dish other than maybe some color and I’d rather just have some spinach or chives or something, please.

Brussel Sprouts



I’ve tried. Really, I have. On numerous occasions. Even covered in maple syrup which makes everything better. Everything, that is, except brussel sprouts.

Maybe it is the horrible memories of my step dad forcing plain steamed brussel sprouts down the hatch. And I like cabbage so I don’t know what the deal is. I’ll get a few down and think they are okay but by the end of a serving, I’m all sorts of gaggy. Sorry, Mom. I just can’t do it. I fall into the “hate ‘em” category.

13 Responses

  1. I’m 100% with you on the black licorice, but I like anise which is a similar flavor. However the rest, I’m sorry that you don’t like the rest. Try to re-like Brussels sprouts….even Janet changed her mind!

  2. I’m with you on the first three! I hate fennel! I’ve done several recipes that call for it and each time it just overpowers the dish, even when I use less!

  3. I would go for all of them except the celery, which is due to food intolerance – I read somewhere it is one of the highest intolerant foods. I am also ++++ for carrots, which is a shame, because I like them, but I cannot tolerate bananas…even the smell. My only other dislike is spring onions, which I think you call something else. Do you like liver and did you ever try Marmite when you were in England.

  4. I like black licorice candy but HATE fennel! If any recipe calls for it, I won’t do it and I won’t order it a restaurant. I don’t know why I dislike it so much but I do.

  5. Things I can’t survive without include cucumber, pickles, and especially parsley! Actually, I think I’ll happily eat absolutely anything. Not a big fan of whipped cream, but if it’s not from a can, I’ll have a little 🙂

  6. ah man, I love everything on this list except MAYBE black licorice. Welll I don’t really like candy so I guess that’s out.

    I’m going to make my own pickles sometime this month for the first time – I bet I can make ones superior to any store brand.

  7. I’m with you with the licorice. I hate it with a passion as well as radishes. They taste like dirt:)

  8. I also hate celery. It doesn’t taste good and I hate the strings. I leave it out of everything I make. I also dislike radishes, I don’t like peppery things. The number one ingredient I never, ever use is onion. I don’t like it and I’m allergic. Plus my husband will puke if he even smells an onion. We are an onion phobic family.

    I love pickles and anise though!

  9. Okay I’m not with you on the pickles but I HATE black licorice too! Blech!

  10. I’m with you on the black licorice and brussel sprouts. But pickles? C’mon, they’re so good! Celery is only good when used as a method to shove peanut butter into my mouth…

  11. Wow. That’s a really weird list. The first and the last I understand because so many people don’t like them (including me with the licorice and Hubby with the sprouts). But the others are so innocuous. Maybe that’s the problem, huh. 🙂

    Regarding parsley, the reason it’s always on the plate as garnish is that it’s an excellent palate cleanser as well as used for calming the stomach and freshening the breath. Triple-duty greenery that’s cheap.

  12. I’m with you on everything, with one exception – sub brussels sprouts (which I love – they taste a lot like broccoli to me) for cilantro, then bump it up to just under the licorice. I cannot STAND cilantro; I’m in the genetic minority to whom it tastes like concentrated dish soap, right down to feeling slimy in my mouth. I’ve had to send dishes back at Mexican places cause there’s too much cilantro – a curse, since I utterly LOVE Mexican food!!!

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