Spring Has Sprung

Yesterday was the kind of day that us Pacific Northwesterners live for.


We endure 8 months of gray drizzle for the (maybe) 4 months of decent weather we get.


And we took full advantage of it. We started our day with a 5 mile run (PDR!) and had a friend over for lunch for grilled kebabs. Don’t worry. Pippin wasn’t the only one that got in some much needed sunbathing!


Yes, folks, grill weather is officially here and the husband couldn’t be happier!

And most excitingly, we finally got around to planting our garden.

A few weeks ago, my father came down to help us build a 4’x6’ raised garden bed.


Huz and I started out by flipping sod in our designated spot.


Then the men built the box.


We loaded up Dad’s beater with some soil and wheelbarrowed it into the back yard.


I got the fun task of packing it in.


We’ve been holding off on doing the planting because nightly temperatures have been dangerously close to freezing. (Historically, the last frost date is April 17th so we aren’t too far off.) Finally, the weather looks clear so today, we got down to business.


From seeds, we planted a lot of greens: collards, chard, kale, arugula. We also planted some summer squash and a lot of herbs.


For the herbs, we obviously got starters. They were decently priced at Costco so I figured WTH.


Oh, and we did some green onions!


This year is our first year planting anything and to be honest, I don’t have very high expectations. I did a moderate amount of research, but certainly not extensive. I’m definitely going by trial and error method this year. I tried to select things I know we would go through but that were also relatively hardy given my track record with plants.


For all of our supplies, dirt, and starters, our grand total was under my allotted $150 so if it is a total bust, we aren’t out too much and I’m sure it will be a source of entertainment.


So fingers crossed for a good crop (or at least a decent amount of herbs which is definitely were we can save the most money on our grocery bill).



11 Responses

  1. I spy with my little eye a pink flamingo. That will make your not dad happy :). I won’t be planting for a while…we got a foot of snow two days ago. Probably in June….

  2. Cute garden box, I bet everything will grow just fine!

  3. Ooooh, I hope it goes well!! Me and my mom really want to plant some herbs and veggies in her backyard this year, but neither of us have had much success with growing things in the past. All she has now is a raspberry bush that grows like a weed 😛

  4. It looks so warm there! I am totally jealous. We are expecting more snow. Good work on all the gardening!

  5. It was so nice here on Saturday! We were in the yard too. Didn’t have time to finish the raised beds but next weekend we will. So excited!

  6. I am so jealous of your garden. We live in an apartment and the best I can do is potted plants. I cannot wait to plant them though. Fresh herbs will be great to cook with. Make sure you post the updates of plant growth. I love spring!

    • I will! I am sure I won’t be able to help myself! Everyday, I go out to check on it and see if we have any sprouts yet! No sign of anything though.

  7. We’ve had good luck with raised beds. It’s amazing how much will fit in such a small space.

    • I think I probably could have put more in ours but I was nervous about crowding stuff out. We’ll see how it goes and we can make adjustments next year!

  8. I love your garden! I’m inspired to go dig in that patch of dirt in my yard!

  9. […] Posted on May 15, 2011 by Leah So it has been a couple of weeks since we planted our seeds in our new raised garden box! Almost everyday, I would pop outside, donning my pink fuzzy slippers […]

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