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Weekend in PT + An Announcement

This past weekend, we headed an hour north to Port Townsend to visit my dad (and my naturopath).


I think we had a pretty great weekend! Here are the highlights – naturally it is mostly food!


Grilled Portobello Salad at Siren’s that was uh-mazing. 


And I cheated and had a piece of the boys’ doughy crispy pizza crust that was equally as delicious.

A 4.5 mile run with my husband (PDR!) that just so happens to be the first part of a race that we are training for.


Yep, a race. Don’t run away, you are at the right blog! I’ve been talking about it here and there but never made an official announcement.


So consider this the official announcement. We are planning to register this week!

If you are curious, my race history is .. um.. brief.

I ran a 5k in 2008.


Yep, that’s it. I started training for the Seattle Half with my huz but my plantar fasciitis flared up so bad that I stopped. I really have never been much of a runner but I really want to give it a real shot.

Some things I’ve been doing differently this time around is I got new running shoes that I actually got fitted for.


I’ve been rolling my feet and stretching more.



And I’m only running 3x a week instead of 4-5x a week.


(Please note, this was the plan and I haven’t followed it 100%)

And I am suuuppppeeeerrrrrr slowly increasing my weekly mileage so I think I’m actually going to be ok with this longer distance!

And besides having to go to the bathroom really really badly after this latest 4.5 mile run, it felt really great and I definitely felt like I could keep going.

And it is a great excuse to indulge in a yummy breakfast!


Greek omelet at Salal Café! (They have the BEST potatoes and freezer jam!)

Huz got their biscuits and gravy and stole my toast.


And Dad got a bacon avocado scramble.


And I couldn’t leave town without getting my fix.


Pumpkin chicken curry from Banana Leaf! It. Is. So. Good. I’ve been daydreaming about it. And it’s cheap. $7.95 for a big huge plate of food.

The boys got a cashew chicken curry combo which is also really freaking good but does not compare to my pumpkin curry with straight up chunks of pumpkin in it.


Mostly, we just goofed off and ate all weekend, obviously. We watched a couple movies, there was beer and Thin Mints consumed, and a batch of black bean brownies. It was amazing.

AND I get to see my dad again next weekend for Easter! Yipee!


3 Responses

  1. Congrats! Racing is addictive. 🙂

  2. woo hoo! You are awesome. You’re going to have so much fun at the race. And you’ll be surrounded by people who are faster, slower, and the same pace as you, which I always find encouraging, especially in blog land where I ten minute mile is slow!

  3. You are doing awesome!!!! I want to start slowly increasing my mileage too. I’ve only run 5k’s and want to train for a 10k.

    Holy crap that pumpkin curry looks soooo good!

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