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New Rules of Lifting for Women: Stage 4

A bit of a different “recap” for Stage 4:

How do you guys deal with a mental burnout?



(Click to enlarge)

And the exercises:

(The weight in parenthesis was Stage 2 weights.)

Stage 4A (3 sets of 8 reps)

Front Squat Push Press: (45#) 45# –> 55#

Step-up: (5 risers, 20# DB’s) 5 risers, 25# DB’s
Dumbbell 1-pt Row: (20# DB’s)
25# DB’s

Static Lunge w/ Rear Foot Elevated: (20# DB’s) 25# DB’s 
Push-up: Regular, bodyweight only

Plank: (48 sec) 60-75 sec 
Cable Horizontal Wood Chop: (27.5#) 30# –> 45#

Stage 4B (2 sets of 8 reps)

Wide Grip Deadlift from Box: (75#) 80#

Bulgarian Split Squat: (10# DB’s) 12# DB’s
Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown: (97.5#) 100# –> 105#

Reverse Lunge from box w/ Forward Reach: (10# DB’s) 12# DB’s
DB Prone Cuban Snatch: (8# DB’s) 8# DB’s

Swiss Ball Crunch: 15# DB
Reverse Crunch: bodyweight
Lateral Flexion: bodyweight

Prone Cobra: (96 sec) 120 sec

HIIT (on elliptical)

2 min warm-up at level 1, ~50 rpm
2 min warm-up at level 5, ~50 rpm
1 min sprint at level 8, ~80-85 rpm
2 min recovery at level 1, ~40-45 rpm
1 min sprint at level 9, ~80-85 rpm
2 min recovery at level 1, ~40-45 rpm
1 min sprint at level 10, ~80-85 rpm
2 min recovery at level 1, ~40-45 rpm
1 min sprint at level 11, ~80-85 rpm
1 min recovery at level 1, ~40-45 rpm

Stage 1 Recap

Stage 2 Recap

Stage 3 Recap

Stage 3 Calories

Average Daily Calorie Consumption: 1550-1750kcal
Average Weekly Calorie Burn: 1700-2500kcal


Beginning program: 163
End Stage 1: 161
End Stage 2: 160
End Stage 3: 159.5
End Stage 4: 158.5

6 Responses

  1. Hi Leah! I just started NROL4W last week, so it’s great to go back through your recaps, etc. I’ve never done any serious weightlifting before, so all the terminology and equipment is a little intimidating, but I’m getting the hang of it!

    You mention long runs – are you training for a specific race? Later in the NROL4W program, when I get to stage 4 or so, it’ll start to overlap with fall race training for me, so just wondering how you handle that. Right now I’m adding in 1-2 average distance runs a week, but I imagine I’ll have to cut the weight training back to 2x per week once I get my mileage back up.

    • Yes! I’m training for a 12k race right now, I just haven’t officially registered or announced it. I’m not much of a runner so it is a pretty big change for me. Right now, we are only running 3x a week – a 3 miler, a speedy 2 miler, and a long run. This is working really well for the moment, lifting 3x a week and having one full rest day. As our long runs get longer, I may cut down to lifting 2x a week but I’m going to play it by ear. Our race is at the end of May and we don’t have anything lined up for afterward so we’ll see how it goes! I’m flexible. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I don’t have any advice because I’m learning I kinda suck at following a fitness program for more than 2 months! Thats one reason I want to do Insanity….just to prove to myself I can actually complete a whole program of something, ha. But you love lifting so I think you’ll make it all the way through this!

    Hey, do you wear an HRM or do you use Sparkpeople to determine your calorie burn?

  3. are those calorie requirements for training? I’m a runner too and those are the calorie counts recommended to me to lose weight (which I’m trying to do).

    • I’m trying to lose weight as well. In the actual program, they recommend more to build muscle but that really hasn’t been my primary focus.

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