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Hasselback Potatoes


Sometimes, you see fads in the blog world. And sometimes you wonder why the heck they are fads. Other times, you jump all over it… as soon as you wipe the drool off of your laptop.


After seeing Hasselback Potatoes on Allison’s blog, I bookmarked the recipe. Then I saw it on Janetha’s blog. Then Evan’s. Then I finally got around to making them.


When we did our shopping for this last week’s meal plan, I went to go grab the potatoes and I shit you not. These were the two smallest potatoes in the bin. And they were ginormous.

That was slightly annoying because I had to cut them and stuff them with garlic slivers only about a million and one times.

And the cooking time basically doubled.

And we only ate half at one time and saved the others for leftovers. And leftover “roasted” potatoes just aren’t all that great.


But these were relatively easy to throw together, especially since the huz did all the garlic slicing.


Apparently I was feeling the need for some good comfort food because I paired the potatoes with some turkey meatloaf (with rice milk instead of soy, oat crumbs instead of panko, and some extra egg whites). 


I must say folks, while the potatoes are pretty and certainly a unique way of dressing up a boring potato, I’m not sold. Maybe mine were too big. Maybe I didn’t use enough butter. Maybe not even enough garlic.

Either way, I’ll be sticking to my usual rosemary roasted potatoes to get my potato fix. Thanks blog world, but this one gets merely a “C” in my book.


13 Responses

  1. I gave those potatoes a try once as well, they were NOT good. Mine were hardly cooked all the way through in the middle sections and the ends were tough from being cooked too much. May I suggest The Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes? They’re AMAZING:

  2. They look so pretty though! I’ve always been too lazy to try them myself but it doesn’t seem like I’m missing out on much anyway!

    I love rosemary on roasted potatoes so much. And I’m with the above commenter, PW knows her potatoes.

  3. I’ve made “Crash” Potatoes and they are delicious, though not particularly Australian. I crushed the potatoes with a pot lid, as my recipe called for. They are a bit finicky (they will burn if not watched carefully), and a bit of a mess to clean up, but tasty and crunchy and that’s the bottom line isn’t it?

  4. LOL thanks for keeping it real! I had wanted to try them too cause they look great. I’ll wait till i have a surplus of potatoes to give it a try.

  5. Maybe I’ll skip those, seems like the work isn’t worth it.

  6. May this potato blog land fad started because these potatoes photograph so well ; ) haha.

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

  7. I totally think certain things become food blog fads just because they look pretty/photograph well. As someone who makes a lot of food that neither looks pretty nor photographs well, I was a little shocked that after I started my blog I actually found myself sometimes shying away from making stuff I knew wouldn’t look good on the blog. I gave myself a stern talking to and nipped that impulse in the bud, but yeah. Pretty things drive up traffic. Then again, so does refreshing honesty. 🙂

  8. But they look so good 🙂 I never make them like this, have no clue why!

  9. I just made these tonight and we loved them! Didn’t know they were a blogging fad…mine didn’t have garlic, just butter, Parm and bread crumbs. Off to compare recipes~

  10. every time we visit my mother in law she makes us hasselback potatoes. we both love them but are too lazy to slice/stuff them.
    Yours look so good.
    wishing you a wonderful Monday

  11. rosemary works great with potatoes and your recipe looks lovely-

  12. YAY! also – i love how gorgeously perfect you got yours on the first try! you rock sister!

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