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Single Girl Workouts + A Giveaway

With the Huz in San Diego for a few weeks, I took advantage of the empty house to make an ass of myself, free of judgment: I did a couple exercise dvds for my cardio workouts.

I know, I know, my husband wouldn’t really judge me. He’d probably even try to muffle his laughter for my sake as well. But I know I am too embarrassed to attempt these sort of things in his presence. And he’s rarely absent when I am home. But this was the perfect chance.

I started with Netflix Instant, selecting a few dance-y workouts that didn’t seem to need weights or anything. My first attempt:


I think that Crunch is pretty renowned in the exercise video world so that put me at ease a bit.  The girl was a bit annoying but I think that just comes with the territory. This particular DVD was basically broken down like so:

5 minutes warm-up
10 minutes latin-based dance
10 minutes “party” dance
10 minutes retro dance 
5 minutes cool down

I really didn’t like this format. As soon as I would start to get in to the rhythm, they would totally change the style! Of the three, I found the party dance to be my favorite. I got the most “in to” this section. The retro was sort of cool for the disco fever moves but I actually found this one to be the most challenging to get in the groove with and thus the least heart-pumping.

Speaking of heart pumping, my HRM is on the fritz (even after a new battery) but I did check my heart rate a couple of times and I would say it was generally around 150. This is not as high as when I am rocking out to the stairstepper, my cardio go-to but I didn’t have to make myself somewhat presentable or waste time driving to the gym so that is definitely a pro.

The second DVD I gave a shot was actually recommended by my dear friend, Claudia.


Kickboxing was much more my cup of tea than dancing. This DVD consisted of 5 10-minute segments.

Basic Training
Butt & Thighs
Arms & Shoulders
Fat Burning Blast

The 2nd and 3rd segments recommended light hand weights which I didn’t have. It was still a decent workout without them but they would really kick this up a notch. I really got in to my jabs and hooks and uppercuts.

The last two sections were a bit awkward for me because I didn’t have a mat and doing burpees and ab work on the hard uneven tile hurt. BUT I did manage to get my HRM to pick up this time (for the most part).


350 burn? Not bad, not stellar. I would definitely do this DVD again. The gal was ripped and far less annoying this Miss Peppy Dance A Lot. It gets old hearing “I know you’ll get results with that workout.” but she redeemed herself by not using the word “tone”.

Ok, I’m going to level with you. I couldn’t stomach another exercise DVD. It’s just not my style. I belong on a weight room or jamming out to my own music doing my own thing. I can’t get into exercise classes either (except spin but we don’t have that anywhere around here).

BUT I do have TWO unopened copies of SparkPeople’s Fit, Firm and Fired Up for you guys to try out.


I acquired these through rooming with Stepfanie, who works at The Spark, at Foodbuzz Festival and now I’m tracking on SparkPeople!

So you know the drill.

To enter, leave a comment below about what your favorite workout is. Weights? Running outside? A Sweaty yoga session? Spill.

Feeling greedy? Get another entry by “Like”ing Leftovers For Lunch on Facebook and leave some love on the page.

Feeling super greedy? Follow me on Twitter and give this post a shout out! (Don’t forget to cc me on it so I can track it!)

I will randomly select a winner from all the entries and announce the winner on Friday, February 18th.

Ready, Set, Go!


26 Responses

  1. I like doing the elliptical at the gym. My membership expired in January and I haven’t renewed it yet! Bad!

  2. A run outside…or lots of heavy weight lighting has to be my favorites.

  3. Favorite work out is swimming. It’s the activity that I love. Something that surprised me was growing to love weight training too!

  4. I love outdoor cycling. I can do It when I have running injuries, its fun, you get to explore the great outdoors…I could go on, its fab!

  5. Definitely the elipitical!

  6. Work out? What work out?

  7. I love doing workout dvds.

  8. I go to my Wii and dance away with “Just Dance” … it’s so much fun! and you lose a few calories! 🙂

  9. When the weather is nice, i love running outside. Other times, i like to do the elliptical at the gym. I also a fan of high energy workout classes.

  10. I LOVE dance, dance revolution. I know it’s really a game, but I am kind of competitive, so I love to dance for points. 🙂

  11. Great review of the videos – good to know!

  12. Spinning at a class. I need the yelling to motivate me, and then I feel awesome afterwards.

  13. I love doing workout dvds. I have a huge collection plus what Netflix offers. I do that kickboxing one sometimes too! Right now I’m doing P90X and really like it!

  14. […] Leah is hosting a giveaway: 2 copies of SparkPeople’s FIt, Firm & Fired Up Exercise DVD.   Giveaway entries accepted until 9pm PST 2/17/11! To submit your own announcement, email healthylivingblogs@gmail.com! « Previous Post […]

  15. I love running because I am so uncoordinated! But I love workout DVDs, especially dance ones that I get to do at my house. I sweat and make a fool of myself but they are so fun!

  16. my absolute favorite workout is a run outside in ~60* weather and sunshine. 🙂 otherwise i like doing tough intervals on a treadmill!

  17. my favourite workout: p90x !

  18. My favorite workout is my zumba class. I get to look really stupid (lol) and it doesn’t feel like a workout at all. Plus, I get good workout music ideas!

  19. My favorite exercise is running outside, particularly around a lake or near the ocean.

  20. Feeling greedy because I really want this:-) Liked you on FB.

  21. I love spinning!

  22. Hey, I just followed you over from Sparkpeople =) this dvd looks like fun! And my favorite workout is running with my dog, we both come home happy!

  23. love pilates!

  24. My favorite workout depends on the day and what’s going on in my life. Sometimes I like to lift weights like a crazy person and other times I need yoga and nothing else! 🙂

  25. I used to be a fan of running outside… now I’m feeling the workout dvd’s a little more, considering it’s about -25 Celcius outside right now!

  26. I love Cardio of any kind!

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