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10 Reasons I Stop Following Your Blog

10) Your Pictures Suck.

Sorry, it is kind of a big deal, whether you want to believe it or not. Yeah, I’ve been guilty of throwing up some pretty junky shots and I can definitely understand the iPhone shots but if you never give me eye candy, I split.

9) You Have Too Many Pictures.

Yeah, I like me some eye candy, but I also like words, narrative. I want to hear your thoughts, your opinion, your perspective, the randomness that is your life. I don’t need to see 10 different pictures of the piece of chicken. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

8) You Don’t Have Enough Pictures.

Yeah, yeah. I’m the Goldilocks of pictures on blogs. But seriously. 9 times out of 10, if all you have is words, I’m gonna get bored and peace out. You gotta have something to break up all the black and white.

7) You Are Condescending or Preachy.

I don’t like being told what to do. Seriously, ask my Husband. Maybe if you ask really nicely but chances are I’m just going to laugh in your face.

6) You Evoke No Emotion.

Give me passion! Give me FIREWORKS! (Bonus point if you can name that show!) I don’t want to hear you just regurgitating the last episode of the latest controversial show on MTV. Make a stance! Chances are, I’m going to disagree with you on stuff but I respect others opinions and am all for a healthy debate among friends.

5) You Are Unoriginal.

This can be a tough one. I get it. There are only so many combinations you can add to your oatmeal. So figure out a different way or different thing to present. I often feel like I’m not “original” because I rarely invent my own recipes – I modify recipes from magazines, other blogs, and cookbooks. But I think this is generally acceptable because I bring my own personality to the post and I think that’s what brings people back for more.

4) You Get Pregnant.

I can’t help it. I’m sorry. I just can’t hang. Probably for the same reason that I don’t read mommy blogs. We are just different people at different points in our lives and that’s cool. To each their own but I really just don’t want to hear about strange bodily functions, odd cravings, and I get really jealous when I hear people use the excuse of “eating for two.”

3) You Don’t Drink.

Ok, not really. But kinda. It’s the same sort of thing as #4. If you don’t get down, I really can’t relate to you. And if I can’t relate to you, chances are I’m going to lose interest. And I like reading blogs where I know you can cut loose and have a grand time. I also love hearing about hangovers. I can’t help it. It gives me so much satisfaction – it makes me know I’m not alone in the world of lush’s.

2) You Don’t Update Frequently Enough.

I have the attention span of a gnat. If it’s been a week without an update, I’ve forgotten who you are. I’m a junkie. I need my fix.

1) You Sell Your Soul.

Number one pet peeve of bloggers – and it seems after they have “made it”. It’s obvious to everyone. Your blog turns into an episode of The Biggest Loser with product placement at every interval. GO Here! DO This! DRINK Me! The BEST You’ve Ever Had! What a minute? Is this an infomercial or a blog?

60 Responses

  1. Amen sister! I needed SATC reference this afternoon 😉 I was watching it while I worked (yes, because on Saturday I am working) but I switched to the Proposal because I just realized Dish had given us free Starz for a day (or more???)…I’ll have a glass of Andre or 5 for you this evening! xxoxox

  2. Haha I’m pretty sure you should have stopped reading my blog a long time ago according to your list. But luckily, we cool… 🙂

    I would add something like, “you make your life seem totally perfect all the time. You don’t have to bear all your secrets on the blog, but if you make it seem like its 100% sunshine and roses, you seem fake.”

    • I agree with this. And obviously, there are other reasons that I stop following people but these were the tops. I know we talked about it a bit last week which is what spurred me to post this. I lurve you cuz you are real. And I can overlook the “not updating frequently enough” cuz I know you are crazy busy and I can stalk you on FB and Twitter in the meantime!

  3. I love this! Agreed 100%!

    I’m not very original with the food aspect. I am NOT a cook in any way and have zero creativity when it comes to changing recipes. I struggle with substitutions too. But I’ve been practicing the last 6 months and I think I’m learning how to cook. Finally.

    I agree with the sell-out too. I understand trying to make a living but when a blogger becomesall about their sponsorship it’s ANNOYING. same with raffles and fundraisers. Snore.

  4. Agree with Hallie! Who wants to read about soneones “perfect” life. Oh I would also add bloggers who seem to be on vacation all the time annoy me too. (Not you Leah lol)

  5. Love the list! This is awful – but I stop reading blogs when there are too many pictures of people in them. Like, three shots of food, and 10 pictures of the blogger’s face at different (yet flattering!) angles. For some reason, I have a really low tolerance for narcissism.

    In other news, I will probably be hungover tomorrow and blog about it just for you 😉

    • I think that all bloggers are a tad narcissistic, including myself, but I agree that it gets to a point like, “Really?”. If I ever get like that, just slap me. xo

  6. I ***love*** this post!! I just found your blog and I like it because its real, I noticed you updated your blog roll and removed a blog that has ALOT of those qualities, particularily the naraccist self photo ops Susan mentions above. I can think of two *huge* health bloggers that do at least 9/10 of these things!!

  7. Dude, I’ll come right out and say it: I unfollowed Mama Pea for being a fat-shaming, preachy, Mommy, bad-blog host. Rock on, lady.

    Also, I recommend Cass at Back to Her Roots. She rocks and you will love her.


    I’m with you (except I’m lazy and I don’t unsubscribe, I just click through to the next post).

    Photos can be tricky, and mine aren’t AMAZING, but I can’t stand when there is no thought in posting decent pictures.

  9. Yes. In particular, the picture thing. I was on a blog the other day and the layout was allll bad (I mean, the food was phallic) and another had blurry photos. That is not necessary.

    I am so sick of the clique of bloggers who have “made it”. Yes, we get it. You wrote a cookbook. You were able to quit your day job and live off the zillion ads on your blog. I just left my ad network because it did no thing for me because I had so many restrictions on the sort of ads they could run. The point is, if you’re going to be spouting off about one thing (oh, eating locally for instance) and then all of your ads are for major multi-national companies, you’re going to lose some credibility.

    Well-written piece. Thanks.

  10. LOL!! this is cool! Nothing else to say!!!

  11. I generally keep my readers, but for the subscriber that drops me every now and then, I often wonder why.

    This is informative, thanks!

  12. Love this. awesomeness in a list.

  13. I might seem like the #1 reason but we are primarily a review site, a site to talk about what there is out there in terms of chocolate, and try to honestly and unbiasedly give descriptions of it. I see so many recipes out there that I can’t imagine anyone could want more chocolate recipes. The few I do are about what I can do when I do not make money from this gig.

    • Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Doing product reviews is different than being a “sell-out”. Taking trips, accepting free products that aren’t in line with your blog, and constantly plugging products that everyone knows gives you the hook up is being a sell-out in my eyes. I’ve accepted products before but only products I believe in and I give 100% honest reviews. I see no problem with this. But somewhere, the line becomes muddy but it seems like everyone else can see it but the blogger.

  14. Haha! Love the attitude … the only thing you didn’t say was ‘ So put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!’ I have to agree on some of your points … 1, 4, 8,10.

  15. I guess I’m probably pretty unfollowable then. I don’t have a fancy candy to take pictures that’ll ever appear on Food Gawker, nor can I afford one; just my point-and-shoot.

    But, the bottom line of my site is that it’s about reviewing magazine recipes, not making the food more appealing than it’s supposed to be. So, it looks how it looks. If you unfollow me, c’est la vie.

    • I think that review based blogs are a bit different than living blogs, especially a lot of the “healthy living blogs” I used to subscribe to. And there isn’t just one things that makes me unfollow. So you don’t have the greatest pictures. But you have a great narrative. I’ll keep reading. It’s not so cut and dry.

  16. *that should be fancy camera, not fancy candy…(another reason to be unfollowable)….sucky comments.

  17. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today ;-P

  18. It’s a good thing you’re my daughter or I might be missing you….Then again there’s no fear of me selling my soul and there’s no fear of me NOT drinking, and I’m working on my photo skills and I’m definitely not, nor am I getting pregnant anytime soon. Can I please be a little condescending? It’s so much fun…just kidding. As for original, you judge :o) This post obviously evoked some heated support, way to put it out there.

  19. I think I just peed my pants (and no, it’s not because of a pregnancy affected bladder) — funny post! I like them all, but my faves are 1, 4 and 7. Theresa

  20. I think I’m guilty of too many pictures. I post them as a tutorial because a lot of people that follow ask me “what do you mean by _____” … so I just post a pic of the “beat until eggs are fluffy” 🙂

    • See, and again, tutorials are different than the typical “living” blogs I have been reading. If each picture is different or has usefulness, I appreciate it. But if it is ten shots of the same exact bowl of cereal, it gets my goat.

  21. Nice….I agree with that….so Leah when you will start read my blog:)

  22. Thanks for the update. To be honest I stopped reading after no.6… Not enough photos… 🙂

    • Haha, yeah, I realize that. I’m all for having some posts that are just words as long as it isn’t all the time. But I would rather not have any pictures than randomly throwing in pictures just to fill the space. 😉

  23. ha, I just can’t figure out how to STOP following someone in blogger – any tips? 🙂

  24. […] My friend and fellow blogger Leah (we’ve hung out in real life, I can call her a legit friend now!) wrote an excellent post the other day titled “10 Reasons I Stop Following Your Blog.” […]

  25. Here are two more of mine:

    Every post is full of links back to older posts (or worse, one from the day before). If I wanted to reread old posts, I would scroll back.

    Every picture and recipe is a recycled one from the week before. Give me something new!

  26. I’m guilty of 8 and 9 on occasion. Oops.

    I try! I really do! But sometimes I have no brainpower and post up a ton of pics or I’m too wordy or don’t have any pics. Please don’t beat me. LOL.

    As for the pregnant one…well, haven’t gotten that positive yet but I can guarantee I won’t be posting every intricate detail of the pregnancy. Major milestones maybe, but not. “OMG I had the WORST gas today!” or “Baby kept tap dancing on my bladder making me go pee pee in my pants!” No. Just no.

    Great post!

  27. Amen to everything. Here are my add in’s :
    1) You post a bowl of oatmeal/nut butter/chia seed creation at least three times a week. I’m dying for someone to just eat a big mac.

    2) you have pop up adds (maybe this goes under sellout?)

    3) you cook for everyone but yourself. I hate it when people cook all this elaborate food only to serve it their kids/friends and never actually enjoy it themselves!

  28. PS. my picture suck. dont hate me

  29. Love this!! haha Love the honesty 🙂

  30. Especially like/agree with 3 and 4. I appreciate honesty. Nice job.

  31. I promise to not get pregnant if you’ll promise to continue reading my blog.

  32. Um – i sort of LOVE this post. I really feel like you should add 2 more things though (yes, I’m telling you what your opinion should be!) 😛

    1 – when you change your settings so that your posts don’t show in reader, you need to click thru to actual site (I AUTOMATICALLY delete anyone that does that – you still get the impression when someone views you in reader!)
    2 – when you have a blogspot blog that involves clicking 15 times in order to comment – only to find out you need a specialty “live id”. GRRR!

    Okay – that is all. Thank you for your list – I thought it kicked ass! 🙂

    • Those things irk me too! I hate when it is just a blurb of the post. It makes me feel like people are just looking for the click throughs. Which may go hand in hand with “Sell out”?

  33. this post is the first i’ve read on your blog but it was a good one, totally hooked!

  34. Great post! I agree with you all the way. I like reading blogs that are written by real people. Totally agree with the previous comments about those “perfect” bloggers or the ones that seem to always be on vacation.

    Pictures are a very component in my opinion. I don’t think you need the best camera in the word, but a couple of nice pictures makes everything more enjoyable. A decent camera and some patience can a good job.

    About #1, lately I have been invited to do a lot more product reviews and host sponsored giveaways (like right now). I do worry that my blog will start appearing like ads. Most importantly, when I write reviews, I share my honest opinion and include both the good and the negative aspects. I won’t trash a product but I won’t promote it unless it’s something I truly like. Also, I don’t post about products unless it’s something that I would buy or try on my own.

  35. I love this post, and I completely agree. I especially need things about bloggers’ lives, and I don’t need 10 pictures of chicken, either. I strangely like reading preggers’ blogs, though- no idea why.

  36. Just one word: fabulous!

  37. PS: I know you’d follow me…

  38. Like this list. A lot. It will sit in the back of my mind whenever I think of adding yet another photo….just because I love those Chinese guys asleep on their bicycles, doesn’t mean you want to see yet another photo of one….

    And you want fireworks….well, here they are!

    Cheers! Fiona

  39. best. post. ever.

  40. I’m with you 100%! Now you’ve given me the go-ahead to say I drink too much (well I am a Scottish lass ;-))

  41. Love.This.Post!!

    Ok, so um…My pictures kinda suck, but I’m working on it!

    I have 2 kids, but its left me with a smidgen of contempt for pregnancy. No sick preggo stories for me!

    I don’t drink much. However, if I make a drink and post it on my blog, you better believe I’m having a glass… or 2…

    My life is NOT perfect. I’m the chick who laughs and takes the pic when I mess up. Screw ups are funny.

  42. My number one is bad spelling/grammar. If you want people to read what you write, take the time to spell it properly, check that you are using the right word, and add punctuation.

  43. I love you.

    4 and 5…yessssssss…sigh


  44. Interesting list, all so true. Mind taking a look at my food & photography blog and letting me know what you think? Thanks!


  45. Bahahaha! Love this!
    I agree–I don’t follow your blog anymore as soon as you get pregnant! I just don’t wanna hear about it, mmmk?

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