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San Diego: From Liberty Station to Balboa Park

Waking up to this?

San Diego 024

Yes, this I could get used to.

After arriving late Thursday, I got an early start on Friday with much on the agenda! The Huz had work stuff so I saw him off, relaxed for a bit, then headed off to go exploring.

San Diego 029San Diego 033

I walked.

San Diego 037San Diego 039

And then I walked some more.

San Diego 048San Diego 049San Diego 050San Diego 051

My trek took my down along the harbor.

San Diego 041San Diego 054

Then I cut up into the urban jungle.

San Diego 056San Diego 059San Diego 065

San Diego is really gorgeous; you certainly can’t beat this weather in January.

San Diego 060

As I made my way into Balboa Park, my final destination, I was really in awe. But that could have just been the mild numbness from walking nearly 5 miles.

San Diego 075San Diego 067

Don’t you want to just climb up in that tree and take a nap?

I walked through the main drag just in awe. The architecture is really stunning and museums riddled the street.

San Diego 077San Diego 093

I wish I had time to go in them all but alas, that wasn’t the case. By the time I made it in to the park, I had a hot date with this lady!

San Diego 136

I was really excited to meet Hallie. I’ve been following her blog forever! She works at the park so we did lunch together at one of the museum café’s. I got a killer salad!

San Diego 100

The husband got done with work and met us up there just in time to see the Natural History Museum.

San Diego 092San Diego 112

It came highly recommended for the current gem exhibit!

San Diego 113

They were faboosh! And of course pictures don’t do them justice.

San Diego 125San Diego 115San Diego 128San Diego 130

I added about a million things to my wishlist.

And we couldn’t leave without saying hi to some other guys.

San Diego 107San Diego 109

We parted ways with Hallie and headed over to the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

San Diego 135San Diego 200

We had really high hopes for this zoo – it came with glowing recommendations from many people but honestly, it was a bit of a let down. It is really spread out and after a day of nothing but walking, maybe this wasn’t the best move on our part. The atmosphere was very jungle-y which was cool but there weren’t many animals out and they were far between. The highlight was definitely the flamingos!

San Diego 173

They were in the preambles of their mating season so they were a bit ornery. It was highly entertaining.

San Diego 155San Diego 171

We did catch sight of a gorilla but the crowd around it was really smelly and annoying so we didn’t hang out for long.

San Diego 193

We called it quits after a couple hours of walking around the zoo {so much walking!}, we headed back to the hotel at Liberty Station and all I wanted was a beer.

San Diego 248

And beer, I got! Many, in fact!

San Diego 272

We walked across the street from the hotel to Oggy’s, a pizza joint and took advantage of some Happy Hour Specials. The boneless wings were calling to us and we answered with a joyous, “Hell yes!”

San Diego 255

One Cream Ale and two Porter’s later, I was mighty toasty! We stumbled (literally) our way around and ended up settling on a(nother) pizza joint for dinner when we couldn’t find the hippie joint I had my heart set on. Oh well, another time.

So my memory, and my pictures apparently, were quite fuzzy but I ended up getting a thai chicken pizza and devouring every morsel in my drunken state and I distinctly recall thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread which I’m sure that it was.

San Diego 280

I managed to sober up enough to make it back to the hotel room and pass the heck out. Walking + sunshine = dehydrate Leah + beer = whoa. But it was priceless.


6 Responses

  1. So so so jealous! Love the photos. It looks like paradise.

    The last time I was in San Diego I was 9. 😦

  2. Ummm, so can I crash your next date with Hallie?? 😉

  3. All that glitters is jewels, jewels! You made San Diego look beautiful! Glad you had fun.

  4. Come back to the sunshine!! Your photos are so lovely.

  5. Haha! This post made me laugh! What fun packing SO much into a day … kinda like what we do when we travel! Your photos are beautiful and the snacks and beer looked great! Next time … water bottle, too!

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