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New Rules of Lifting for Women: Stage 1

So this time around with doing the NROL4W weight program, I’m going to do a quick vlog after each stage to just share my thoughts and little tidbits about it. Here’s the first one! Enjoy!

My actual schedule:

(Workouts are in teal, my personal calendar is pink, our calendar is purple. I think you can click to enlarge? If not, I’m sorry. Someone teach me how to do that?)



As you can see, we started off very strong and consistent then it definitely waned when my MIL was in town and it took us a bit to get going again.



The exercises with start and end weights. The first workouts are 2 sets of 15 reps and the last workouts went to 3 sets of 8 reps just FYI. Oh, except the ab stuff which started at 8 and went to 15 reps.

Stage 1A

Squats 15# –> 80#

Push-up 60* incline –> full pushup

Seated Row 60# –> 80#

Step-up 5 risers, 15# dumbbells –> 20# dumbbells

Prone Jackknife bodyweight only, 8 –> 15

Stage 1B

Deadlift 40# –> 90#

Dumbbell Shoulder Press 12# dumbbells –> 20# dumbbells

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 60# –> 100#

Lunges 10# dumbbells –> 20# dumbbells

Swiss Ball Crunch 15# –> 35#


And for my own future reference, my weight went from 163 –> 161 but that’s a pretty standard fluctuation for me. Get in the 150’s and I’ll count it as a legit loss.


6 Responses

  1. Holla chickie! Oh, it’s like a phone convo, only a vlog. Haven’t heard you in forever. Hope you & Claud had fun!

  2. Loved the vlog! You know I’m a huge fan of NROL. Even though the first phase is kind of boring, you can’t argue with those strength gains. That’s amazing!

  3. Hi Leah!

    I am currently half way through Stage 1 of NROLFW. Susan (GBA) pointed me in the direction of your blog noting that you had just finished up. You had some awesome gains – I’m particularly impressed with your lat pulldowns – 100lbs is incredible!

    Anywho, I started a lifting blog chronicling my adventures with the program (and as a way to keep records & be accountable) over at http://theladylifts.wordpress.com in case you feel like checking it out! I’ll definitely be looking back to hear your thoughts on Stage 2 🙂


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