Endoscopy Eats

Boy, yesterday sure was fun!

*Sarcasm Alert*


Yesterday, I had an endoscopy to try and figure out some digestive issues.

Originally, I had been told I’d have to fast (solids and liquids! Yes, even water!) from midnight until my appointment at 1pm. But the day prior when I got my confirmation call, the gal said I could have liquids before 8am.

What, wait?

Does that count smoothies?


Oh yes, indeed. Most of my anxiety about the whole procedure was alleviated. I was not looking forward to that lengthy fast but knowing I could suck down a Green Monster in the morning seemed to make everything better. We amped up our basic GM by adding protein powder and frozen mango pieces to give it a bit more substance and it was consumed in front of the fire to prevent freezing to death. It ended up doing the trick with my hunger but boy was I thirsty all morning long.

I went to work until noon, came home, changed, and the Huz took me to the appointment. It was pretty seamless and easy. It felt really odd while I was waiting to have he IV in, hooked up to the ECG, having oxygen pumped in to my nose. The science lover in me obsessed with the watching the stats. Then the doc came in, shot me up with the good stuff and I was out like a rock.

I woke up to my darling husband in recovery and apparently, I was pretty amusing. While I came out of it, I requested he tell me a story. He came up with a very good one but ended up having to retell it to me last night because I couldn’t remember. It even had a moral. He’s a good story teller.

Over the course of about 45 minutes in recovery, I slowly got sat up and was super excited about getting a juice box.


I told the husband to remember the kind of juice it was (remember my drug induced state) and he decided a picture was the best way to do that. Eventually I was able to walk with mild shakiness and I headed to discharge. The doctor said everything looked normal, which, I guess is a good thing. He did take a couple of biopsies so it will be a couple weeks before we hear anything but I imagine everything will be normal there as well.

I’m slightly frustrated that nothing came of this. I’ll probably be even more frustrated when I got the bill. His next step would be a colonoscopy which um, no thanks. I’ve decided to seek out a naturopath that can maybe have a different perspective. I am still convinced that my tummy troubles are diet related but because I have been working with the GI Specialist, I haven’t been able to make significant dietary changes.

So what was the first meal?


Trashy Chinese Take-out of course!


It was actually a little hard to eat (and not at all good) because my throat was sore but somehow I managed. And after a Mad Men Marathon, I passed out at 8pm.

I feel totally normal today but am still relishing in the extra attention from husband. He willingly spearheaded the breakfast endeavors, has laundry going, and is kicking my ass at Scrabble. I do plan to hit the gym this afternoon after plenty of hydrating and making sure I really do feel up to it.

So there you have it. Not a total waste of a day but pretty much it was. This whole experience has been nothing but a process of elimination which is vaguely annoying but they are the ones with the MD, right?


4 Responses

  1. I do hope things work out well for you. 2010 was a year filled with doctor visits and surgical procedures so I can really sympathize with you. The “C” procedure was not all that bad. You shouldn’t avoid it if your Dr. recommended it. Say hello to Jodus for me, ciao. D.S.H.

  2. Man I hope you feel better! I’ve had to fast a few times for surgeries and that was the hardest part! Not even water!!

  3. I just hope it’s worth, some answers would be nice!

  4. “process of elimination” isnt that why you went in to begin with? Love the smoothies!

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