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The Holy Grill

For my love’s 28th birthday, our families and I got together to give him a kick butt grill.


It’s the Char Griller Duo + side firebox which gives him the ability to grill via propane, charcoal, or smoking. Um, drool?

Well, it sat in the box in our living room for … um… almost two weeks. But in his defense, his mother was visiting so he was busy playing host.

We finally got around to assembling it a couple of weekends ago.

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This thing is behemoth.

blog 095

It took us over 3 hours of teamwork, Pippin included, to get it all assembled. Yeah, see how it was daylight when we started? And then it wasn’t? Yeah, it took a long time.

Except we didn’t do the firebox. We thought that was just a quick easy add on after the fact.

Um, wrong.

The next day, he started working on the firebox and started kicking himself right away because he had to disassemble part of the work we had done the day prior. And then hit a road block right away. So the built grill hung out in our entry way for another week.

Enter: Dad.


He brought the big guns (aka drill bits and a rubber mallet).

And they tackled the project.


Finally! It’s done!


And like that, the Chargriller Duo kicked our little freebies rickety ass.


So what was the first thing that the man of the house grilled?


Burgers, of course! Winter? What winter?


We used a couple of the new spices I bought him.

Cajun on our sweet potato fries:


And garlic herb on our turkey burgers.


We still need to get briquettes for the charcoal side and some wood for the smoker but it will be awhile until we get around to that. In the mean time, the gas side is perfect for our winter needs and I’m already looking forward to firing up some steaks on Valentine’s Day after the Huz returns from San Diego for 3 weeks!


4 Responses

  1. Two words: Hardwood charcoal. I never knew there could be such a difference in charcoal! I started using the hardwood chunks 20+ years ago and haven’t looked back 🙂

    Grill looks incredible – I officially have grill envy.

  2. Loved grilled food. It just TASTES better. We have a great BBQ and use it all summer long. Not so much in the winter. I also have some skewers that I want to use for kebobs this summer.

  3. The grill looks awesome…I’m jealous! It’s nice that it’s warm enough for you to grill….I’ve changed my mind about winter grilling after living in sub zero temps.

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