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Homemade Pizza:8 The Hortins:1

Ok, I don’t know if we have really tried homemade pizza eight times or not but I think it is probably close to there.

The thing is, I hardly ever use the same dough recipe or technique. And we’ve never really been completely satisfied. It’s always been edible, yes. And I would even go so far as to say it is often good. But never… perfect. And I am a tiny bit of a perfectionist. Well, not really, more of a control freak than perfectionist but I think they go hand in hand.

And the other day, when perusing blogs, I saw this post on pizza making.

Lightbulb moment ensues.

The problem we have been having is that the crust doesn’t get nice and crispy. Even our thin crust (my preference). A HA! Heat the stone in the oven to (Gasp!) 500*?!

Well, we tried it out.

First attempt: a veggie pizza.


We used this Eating Well dough recipe (1lb in the bread machine) which I’m quite happy with… if there had been more of it. We had prepped ingredients for two pizzas so dammit! I was making two pizzas! Thus, we had super thin crusts and not very large pizzas and a lot of toppings.


See what I’m getting at? Spells disaster, right?


Yeah, we had issues transferring the prepped pizza to the hot stone. It got there. It just lost some cheese and mushroom a long the way and ended up with a funky thing going on. But it worked!


I loved the thin crisp but there were definitely too many wet toppings.


Attempt two was my favorite: pineapple jalapeno.


Ahhh, much better! We were successful at transferring.


I can not make a round pizza to save my life. More dough would have helped though.


I was super proud of our pizzas this time. Sure, it wasn’t perfect but at least we were on the right track.


We devoured them. Both. I’m not ashamed.


And then all my hopes and dreams came crashing down after the oven had cooled and we removed the stone … to find it broken, in half.

I’m not sure what happened. This is my second stone in 6 months. Is it because they are the cheap-o ones? Do I need to buckle down and give in to Pampered Chef? Where did we go wrong?


7 Responses

  1. We made pizza last weekend and had a “too many wet toppings” moment too. I wanted a sauceless pizza so went a little overboard with olive oil. It tasted fine, but the leftovers were soggy. And we all know, leftovers are the best part of making pizza.

    I can’t help you on the stone situation because we have yet to get one (we just do baking sheet, gasp, i know!)

    ps-I’m a new(ish) follower! Looking forward to sharing recipes with you over the new year!

  2. I used to make homemade pizza as a kid/teen. It always turned out pretty good. I haven’t tried to make it as an adult yet.

  3. Did you put the stone in the oven before heating it up? It needs to go in a cold oven. If you need a replacement, I’ve heard that this one is the best and it’s only $36.95 (you only have to make like 2 pizzas to make it pay off): http://www.amazon.com/Old-Stone-Oven-4467-14-Inch/dp/B0000E1FDA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1295065386&sr=8-1 It’s square, so don’t worry about round crusts =) It would be good for cookies and other things also. I think it would be more versatile than a round one. I think if you got a pizza peel, it would help the transfer.

  4. I keep my stone in the oven all the time. I don’t think its ever seen water and I know it’s never seen soap. I got it for Xmas a million years ago…it’s an el-cheapo that I think my mom got at CVS. If you get the Pampered Chef one…keep the receipt and if it cracks you can get it replaced for nothing.

  5. I ‘had’ a pampered chef one – they are awesome – I lost it in a move 😦 It may still be packed up in some of the boxes in our shed…SIGH BUT I loved it – never ever ‘washed’ it – and it held up nicely – def worth the $$ I also baked cookies on it……..

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