Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Cake

You all, yes YOU, suckered me in to trying these.


Seeing them on half a dozen blogs is pretty much my breaking point. Except, I have yet to give in to the dough ball sensation. Maybe that is next?

Well, okay, I’m not being entirely fair. It wasn’t all your fault. I’m pretty susceptible to any excuse to make sweets. And the excuse was that Jodus was up for the next round of birthday treats for his office.

So balls, I baked!


Three batches:

Lemon Cake + Vanilla Frosting + White Chocolate


Red Velvet + Vanilla Frosting + White Chocolate


And the money maker…

Devils Food Cake + Dark Chocolate Fudge Frosting + Dark Chocolate


I must say – these were a lot of work. They were easy, yes, but boy are they time consuming. Especially when you are making three batches at once.


It’s easy, folks.

Bake a cake.


Crumble it.


Stir in frosting.


Ball it.


Freeze them while you work on the other balls.

Coat in chocolate.





Now, full disclosure:

1) I made the husband run out and buy 2 more bags of white chocolate to complete the task.

2) These are really, really sweet. Really.

3) I wish my balls weren’t so big. They are like 3-4 bites. I think they would be better (but even more work) if they were bite size.

4) I only did chocolate on 1/2-3/4 of the balls, mostly out of laziness.

5) I generally do not think these were worth all the effort/hype. I spent probably over 4 hours in the kitchen, mostly active time.





32 Responses

  1. Now you’re just being mean!

    I want chocolate!!

  2. I have always wanted to try these! But the time thing is why I make Oreo balls. So much less work and still amazing.


  4. okay – i wasn’t done – hit send to early. :X Literally – the exact same thing – 3 batches! And today – at the work party I baked them for – I SAID the exact same thing – easy but EXTREMELY time consuming!!! 🙂 Yours look quite lovely though 🙂 Mine were a little rough around the edges.

  5. Oh Leah, Leah..what are you doing to me????? I will dream about these tonight! They look absolutely amazing!!!

  6. I have heard of these and had pretty much passed on the idea of making them until I saw this assortment. Those triple chocolate ones would be perfect with a double shot of espresso. I just might have to make them!

  7. OMG…I would never stop eating…I would just sit in front of my TV and pop one cake after another! Delish!

  8. good call on the muffin cups! i did the pop version and it was messsssy

  9. Sinfully good! Mmmmmm!

  10. Your cakeballs look beautiful. Great variety!

    I made cakeballs a few months ago and i think i still prefer cakes over them. But, these are so much fun to make especially with kids 🙂

  11. Those cake balls look scrumptious! I would love the lemon ones too! Time consuming yes, compared to how long it takes to eat one, ha!

  12. I had heard of cake pops, but not cake balls, soo cute, and luscious!

  13. I’ve been trying to keep myself from making these… but I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. They look SO GOOD. 🙂

  14. How cute are those! I used to make Oreo truffles until I developed gluten issues. Maybe I’ll replace them with these and just use GF cake mix.

  15. I got hooked on making these when I first found Bakerellas blog a few years back. I have not found a person yet who does not love them. I loved your picture of the messy hands. Everytime I show someone how to make them, I tell them the easiest way to mix it is with your hands and I usually get a look of horror. Yours look fantastic!!

  16. Cinch to make and as you said it perfectly! “the freakin bomb!”

  17. Love these, very creative and so much fun!

  18. These look super fun to make! I think I would start eating the batter right off my hands though 🙂 I love that you tried a bunch of different flavors with it!

  19. Good things are worth the work. I’m sure Jodus will get raves about them at work. Bet they gone faster then it took you to make them.

  20. I must be living under a rock! I have never seen anything like this. They look so yummy! My kids would lose their minds if I made these! Great job!

  21. How decadent!

  22. Of course the triple chocolate ones are the best. What made you think they might be anything less?

  23. They look great! I can’t imagine having the willpower to stir in frosting with crumbled up cake and not immedaitely start eating it right out of the bowl.

  24. Alright! I saw those cake balls all over too! And now on your blog as well… I think I’m about to reach my breaking point as well 😀 seriously now, can I have some of those? they look so good! 🙂

  25. I agree that they’re too sweet and a pain to make. I made them last Christmas and my family wasn’t really into them. But I still really want to try oreo balls!

  26. They look delicious… Can I have one please??? 🙂

  27. You made this look really easy. These take lots of work and a ton of patience, but the reward is soooooo worth it. Thanks for all the pictures.

  28. Love your pictures! You make getting in the kitchen fun….plus they look so good!

  29. I was just told by my husband that I need to make these for him! How funny. Cookie Dough Balls are really good, and waaaaaaay less work. I’d say give ’em a shot 🙂

  30. mmmmmm, valentines day treat i think, these look the best. your site is wicked

  31. ahhh im soo making these!

  32. Hehe, those are DARLING!!! I love how you used cake mixes for them! That makes it so easy! 😀 I want to make these! 😀

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