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Detox Delay

Normally, this time of year, I like to do an annual detox.

image image image image

Pssst! Want to see my thoughts and details about last years detox?

image image

This year, I’m dealing (still) with some major digestive issues (deets here) and am actively working with a GI specialist.


Said Gastroenterologist has advised that I not make any drastic changes to my diet, you know, like cutting out wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, etc. etc. etc. for 3 weeks. It could effect test outcomes and since I think that my distress is diet related and I would like to pinpoint it, I’m going to just do what the man with the MD says.

BUT – in the spirit of New Year Resolutions, setting goals, and generally being motivated to clean up my act, I’ve decided to take a few key aspect of the detox to focus on for the next few weeks, leading up to my (gulp) endoscopy.


So here’s a few things I am going to work on:

More Veggies

And to go hand in hand with this, less meat.


This means more vegetarian recipes and more Hugh Jass salads.


Self explanatory, right?


More water. Less alcohol.


Totally doable. With have nothing on the agenda for the next couple of weeks. No social obligations. No celebrations.

Detox Tea

And most certainly, it won’t be this nasty stuff:


My detox tea of preference is Yogi.


So there you have it. 3 easy things to focus on for a little mini-diet-clean-up to start off the year.

For now, the detox is just delayed. We plan to do it in full swing once (hopefully) I’m done working with my GI doc.

PS –> If nothing is resolved from this upcoming endoscopy, I’m going to a naturopath even though insurance won’t cover it. Anyone had luck with naturopaths? I feel like they would actually listen to me. But maybe not.

6 Responses

  1. I’ve never had to do a detox for medical reasons (luckily) but I do wish I could go on a detox to get the sugar out of my body. It’s so hard for me to cut it out of my diet completely…

  2. I think you need to send me a box of the Yogi DeTox…my liver could use the help!

  3. does that tea taste different from the peach detox? do you think it helps even if you aren’t eating detox food? I think I need to get back into drinking that stuff…

    • Yes, it does taste different. I prefer it. It definitely helps even if you aren’t doing the full detox – especially after a night of drinking! ;o) Just make sure to drink a lot of water with it too.

  4. Dr. Ruth in Poulsbo is good. I have heard there is a good one across the Hood C. Bridge too.

  5. Hope your endoscopy shows the reason for your digestive woes. I have dealt with the same issues myself so I feel for you!

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