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Pippin Isn’t the Only Spoiled Member of This Household

The birthday boy started off his special day with the breakfast of champions.


Lucky Charms was his favorite cereal growing up and we snagged a box on our last grocery trip.


His mom always tells me about how he used to go to bed with a baggie of lucky charms and wake up with them in his hair.


Speaking of his mother…


… Surprise! She made a detour from a vacation gone sour up to visit her favorite dog! Um, and her son on his birthday. But we all know she was really here to get her Pippin fix.

ANYway, we took the birthday boy to his favorite restaurant: Silver City Brewery. And he loaded up on brewsky and got his favorite pizza.


And we surprised him with a Porter Brownie Sundae that he graciously split with all of us.


After dinner, we headed home and he was greeted with a giant pile of presents that somehow ended up in the middle of our house! (Pssst! Thanks, Dad!)


I think he was surprised.

The big gift this year was a mondo grill (that does gas and charcoal) that I got my mom and stepdad, Jodus’ dad, his sister and brother, and my dad in on.


Between all of us, we got the grill, grill cover, a side fire box for smoking, two cookbooks, a bunch of marinades and rubs, and a new personalized apron!


Yep! Some L4L love! {I lurve it!}

Pippin was highly interested in the gift unwrapping!


The other gift highlight was a quilt that Jodus’ mom made for him out of all his old athletic jerseys! How cool is that?!


Then we finished off his 28th birthday with my first attempt at his favorite birthday cake. {Recipe to come!}


Writing in frosting like a 3rd grader is mandatory, apparently.


6 Responses

  1. You did totally spoil me for my birthday this year. Thanks for everything, Wifey! You are simply amazing! I am truly lucky to have you in my life.

  2. Aw…looks like a good birthday! Puppy looks very patient too. My kitties would be in the middle of the wrapping paper destroying everything!

  3. Ok, the grill was great, but the quilt….what a gift. Trish totally out did us all!

  4. Jodus, I also agree with L4LMoM, your mother is a very talented and special Mother ! That quilt brings back a flood of great memories ! Thanks Trish!

  5. Happy birthday to him! Looks like a great day.

  6. Lucky Charms was one of my favorite cereals growing up! That . . . and Cocoa Puffs. 🙂

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