Cheers to weekday date nights!


Cheers to beer!


Cheers to not avoiding the chip bowl!


Cheers to giant burritos!


Cheers to free movie screenings with yummy eye candy!



9 Responses

  1. Hahahaha – loved this post, girl!
    Cheers to ugly truths – dieting on Christmas season is SO lame!

  2. Cheers to enjoying life and food with the ones you love!

  3. Happy holidays, Leah!!!

  4. Nicel and so true….Merry Christmas….Happy New Year:)

  5. Nice and so true….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:)

  6. Cheers! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

  7. Cheers, indeed! A perfect post!! I love the chip bowl too!!!

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