Navy Region Christmas Party

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending Jodus’ work Christmas party!


I rocked a new dress – courtesy of a killer sale at Fred Meyer a few weeks back.


We’re talking like a $21 dress right here! With my dear friend, Spanx, I worked it!


We had a swell time – we stuck to wine again and the buffet was exactly the same as last year. And again, we won the center piece – it’s the one great thing about Jodus having a birthday so close to Christmas.


The theme this year was Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice.


The center piece was made out of mostly all natural products; please note the cloves in the satsuma, the nuts, and pinecones. I am also super digging the cranberries with the floating candle in the votive. I love it!


It’s now gracing our dining room table.


The take home favors were baby ponderosa pines to plant – how darling is that?


We scooted out when the choreographed dancing and disco lights started. Maybe if there had been some Lady Gaga or Katy Perry going we would have stayed longer. The people watching was great though!

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5 Responses

  1. Great Pic! No Lady Gaga! well Im glad we didnt go….no just joking, my husband actually ended up working overtime Friday, it would have not been a good thing to donate $50 to the WAM association….Maybe next year…..Glad you had a good time (so what music did they play, Big Band??)

  2. You look SO pretty! (Jodus looks nice too, hehe)

  3. I love the color of your dress, you look perfect in it. You and Jodus make a hansome couple! The center pieces is fabulous, lucky you two, to win it!

  4. You two looked beautiful 🙂

  5. You look really pretty in that dress!

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