Weekends Are For Bacon

I am very proud to say that we had bacon at every meal yesterday – oh yes we did.



Pancakes and bacon!


Breakfasts are pretty much the best thing about the weekend. Obviously, yesterday we got a little creative and pulled out our Christmas pancake molds – very fun but definitely a bit of a pain in the ass.

028 056

We’ll probably use them once a year and then call it good until next season. Note to self: next year, spray the molds with no-stick before filling with batter.


I went to town on decorating our little friends – it made them more fun to eat!


Powdered sugar for our totaled snowflake – that sucker was so hard to get out of the mold:


Peanut butter and M&M’s for our gingerbread man. (Unfortunately, we had no gum drop buttons in the house.)


Craisen ornaments for the Christmas tree. (Spreading it with wasabi – the only green sauce of sorts in the house – just sounded wrong.)


And my favorite – the snowman! Topped with unsweetened shredded coconut and carob chips!



Most days of the week, well, lately anyway, I find myself craving a Cobb Salad. I think the reason I crave it is because it always has a hard boiled egg and I adore eggs. And of course, they typically have a nice pile of bacon on them. Two of my favorite things in life, topping a bed of greens and loaded with some extra yummy veggie deliciousness? Yes, please!


I omitted cheese in my version, and the creamy dressing that is usually associated with Cobb’s.


Other toppings included avocado, mushroom, green onion, and capers. Holy yum!


I ended up drizzling mine in a Huz-made vinaigrette and it was divine perfection.


The bacon, egg, and avocado was the best part. I think I’ll have this for lunch again today.


The grand finally for my bacon filled day was a wonderful comfort food – potato soup.


Potato soup is one of the few things that I don’t use a recipe for – that, chili, spaghetti, and maybe my tortilla soup now. It’s ridiculously easy – boils some chopped potatoes, skins and all, drain it out. Sauté onion and garlic in bacon grease, add the potatoes in, mash them up a bit, add (soy)milk and chicken broth to desired consistency then season with salt, pepper, and some garlic powder.


I’ve found, through all my years of consuming potato soup, that it really is best to just top the soup with bacon instead of mixing it in. It gets lost if it is mixed in but when it is piled on top, you can select a crumble for each bit and if you ration successfully, your last couple bites will be bacon loaded and amazing.


Mmmmm, bacon!

The best part of a day of bacon is that your house smells delicious all day long and for some reason, your pooch is especially friendly in the kitchen.


I can haz bacon?



4 Responses

  1. Mmm . . . I love bacon. It’s one of my favorite foods ever!

  2. Love the last dog picture! So adorable, how could you turn down a face like that?

  3. Awww!
    Loved the Christmas-themed/shaped pancakes!
    They look SO cute 😀

  4. I love your pancake shapes! SO cool!!!

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