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The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care


I have to admit, before we decorated, I was feeling a bit bahumbug about this Christmas season.


And when we opened up our two boxes of Christmas decorations, my spirits didn’t lift any more either.


Our boxes were full of hand-me-down decorations, Goodwill finds, and Dollar Store purchases from college. None of them particularly screamed us.


Things are a bit tight for us this season as well which doesn’t really make things easier. Not having time paid off for snow and holidays is hard for my paychecks this time of year.


But after we pulled out our few decorations and chatted a bit, we decided to pull $100 cash out of our savings to put towards Christmas for us – a tree and a few more decorations to cheer the place up.


We were very good with our $100. We only spent $79 and I feel so much better! We settled for a smaller tree than maybe we would really like but we wanted to spend our money on something that wasn’t going to get recycled at the end of the season.


Our little 5’ Noble Fir is perfect for us and our space. We decorated it with our favortie childhood ornaments and some colorful balls I picked up in college. The angel is from my mother and is gorgeous.

We went to two different Goodwill’s, Target, the Dollar Tree, and Fred Meyer, trying to make our $100 streeeeetchhhhh.


We picked up stocking hangers, for $2.99 each at Goodwill. I polished them up a bit and they looked (almost) good as new.

170 173

A small wreath for another few dollars and a $2 wreath hanger, we opted to hang it on the inside instead of the outside of the door so we could enjoy it.


I also bought a large spool of ribbon from Costco for $7 and we hung some ornaments from Target in the kitchen.

137 182 201

Perhaps my favorite purchase of all were these little gold reindeer decorated in holiday ribbon.


Ahhh, much more festive now!


We also sent out our Christmas cards and got our first Christmas package from my Mother-in-Law.


The R&B Christmas station has been playing around the clock in our house and my favorite warm drinks have been flowing. I’m still dreading Christmas shopping but I’m feeling much more festive now!

4 Responses

  1. Super cute Leah! I love the idea of the ornaments hanging in your kitchen … might have to make some for my bar window area!!

  2. I have to admit that this season feels a little cold for me too! I hear you on the tight Holiday; James lost his contract work so it’s a one paycheck household this season. I try to keep the spirits up regardless, at least we have a comfy home, family and friends to love us and warm fuzzy drinks to fill our bellies 🙂
    I love the decorations! The light-lined staircase is superb! ❤

  3. Beautiful! You did good and didn’t need more money as the place looks gorgeous–Classy>

    Love ya

  4. Looks nice and festive to me! 🙂

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