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Winter Warmth

It’s no secret I like to drink.

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Red wine or cosmopolitans, I’m usually RSVPing Hell, yes!

But without a doubt, I definitely do most of my drinking between November and January. Maybe it is the holiday spirit, or maybe it’s just because having an excuse to drink makes me look like a little bit less of a lush. (Not that I mind being referred to as a lush!)

Between uncorking bottles of complicated reds or popping magnums of cheap champagne, I turn to warm, cozy liquored beverages to get me through the cold spells. So here are my favorite winter time drinks.

Hot Butter Rums


I’ve been known to make my own hot butter batter from time to time but right now, I’m nursing some of my mom’s mix. If you are looking for it in the store, Harvey’s is the way to go.


And it’s local!


And I don’t care what anyone says, the only way you can do HBR’s is with a lil Captain. Spiced rum or nothing, please!


{Not much of a drinker? That’s ok! Skip the rum, keep the butter!}

Bailey’s & Coffee


The perfect start to a winter weekend morning! This one is easy – just brew your fav brew and spike it with a punch of Bailey’s. It’s bound to get you going!


Amaretto Cocoa


Hands down, my favorite sipable liquor is Amaretto. It goes down easy, maybe a tad too easy, when on the rocks. It also adds a wonderful kick to any cup of cocoa!


Lately, and by lately I mean the last full year, I’ve been rockin’ Land o’ Lakes cocoa, courtesy of Costco.


Really want to take it up a notch? Try it with a dark chocolate hot cocoa mix! The amaretto will give it a cheery cherry sweetness that will have you begging for more!

Peppermint Cocoa


Okay, so maybe you don’t love the sweet amaretto cocoa. Then this one is for you. Just add a shot of cool peppermint schnapps for a nice nightcap!

Want to bring it to another level? Snazz it up with a peppermint stick or cocoa shavings. Channeling your inner five year old? No one will judge if you use marshmallows. Promise.

{Not much of a drinker? That’s ok! Skip the schnapps and add a drop of peppermint extract!}




So if you buy the nog straight from the store, it’s virgin. But real nog comes rum laden. And I’m going to stick to my guns and say go with the spiced rum here, too.


Also, this one can be served warm or cold. With some fresh nutmeg shaved on top, you can’t go wrong either way!

6 Responses

  1. YES! THIS is what food blogs should be about. Moderation to the wind my friend, booze is where it’s at!!! 🙂 Can I get a 4Loko cocktail next? Perhaps a fruity winter time punch?

  2. I couldn’t get passed the AWESOME mugs!! where did you get those? i need a set!

  3. I’ll take one of each, thank you. 😉

  4. Awesome post. Bailey’s in the AM? Yes, please!
    I’m going to go home and make a Cosmo, it seems only right to celebrate December with a nice, red drink 🙂 Thanks for the little push, I needed it!!

  5. The lush doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  6. I so love Captain Morgan’s. You forgot hot mulled cider with the Captain! So good when it’s cold!

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