Dining Out: Taprock Northwest Grill

I sure do feel like we’ve been eating out a lot! But it certainly has been fun!

Every time we have gone to Central Market, I have ogled the Taprock.



I think mostly I just really liked the building! Apparently, an old breakfast place use to be here until it burned down a few years back.


We had heard that the food was just okay so I was hesitant to try but I knew my mind wouldn’t settle about it until we tried it out on our own. I had an itch to scratch.

I liked the decor inside as much as I liked the outside of the restaurant but it had a slight chain restaurant feel to it. We actually spoke to the manager and she said there is one other Taprock down in Oregon but they are owned by Elmer Restaurants which of course is a pretty decent size chain – maybe two dozen locations?


The entire concept of the restaurant is obviously Northwest Grill. I loved the idea of it and saw a lot of things on the menu that appealed to me: local, sustainable, wild, grass-fed, Oregon, Idaho, Washington.


We started with the fried zucchini spears.


These were massive spears and were almost too much of an appetizer for the two of us! They were really delicious. Not at all greasy or overcooked. The zucchini still had a nice crunch to it. We pretty much dominated this dish.


For dinner, I ordered the Dungeness Crab Chopped Salad, no olives, dressing on the side (when I heard it was Thousand Island and not the said “housemade seafood dressing”).


This was actually just a pretty standard salad. The crab was definitely fresh and it was delicious. And my love for egg, bacon, and avocado won me over but there wasn’t really a “wow” factor for me here.


Jodus ordered the Oregon Flat Iron Steak + Grilled Shrimp combo plate.


Unfortunately, the steak was medium-well, not medium-rare like he ordered. He ended up dousing it in A-1. We are no good at sending food back to the kitchen. For his side, he got the bacon potato pancake which was good but very rich. The grilled shrimp was delicious, I stole one. And the vegetables were quite buttery.

The servers were all quite nice. We had a couple of managers stop by and chat. (A DSLR always draws attention!) And our main server was quite chatty. Maybe a little too much? He moved up here last year from Southern California and is having trouble adjusting to the weather. Obviously, we engaged, because we aren’t rude. But there were a few instances where we were wishing people away from our table so we could enjoy our meal.

I think overall, I enjoy the concept of the restaurant more than I enjoyed the food. I did overhear some conversations of other diners that were repeat offenders so maybe we just didn’t order the right dishes. I would be willing to give it another shot, especially since the price was reasonable for the portion size, but I’m definitely not itching to return.


2 Responses

  1. the former restaurant was called Mitzels, which was a chain, and there are still a few in the NW, not many. It was a decent place. I do like the atmosphere of Taprock, but it appears they havent changed their service.

  2. To get dungeoness crab and not have a WOW factor, shame on them! Then serving a steak medium well, period, sacralege!
    Too bad, the place looks great!

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