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Dining Out: Mor Mor Bistro

Every Friday night, Mor Mor Bistro hosts Flight School.


Every Friday at the MorMor Bar, Dorian will be offering 4 great pours of hand selected wines with information and discussion on each. Cost is just $15 per person and includes a great platter of different dishes to sample with your wine flight.


This past Friday, Jodus and I tried it out for the first time.


I had actually never been to Mor Mor before but have been wanting to try it out. I even subscribed to their newsletter without even trying them because I had that much faith in their ability to live up to my expectations. It’s in Poulsbo which is my favorite town in Kitsap County so it had to be good, right?


The atmosphere of the bistro was romantic.


And the live musicians that came in definitely added to that mood.


For Flight School, we saddled up to the bar and were immediately presented with 4 wine glasses each and a little card with what each wine was. (This proved to be very helpful later on!)


The bartender walked up through each wine right away. He was incredibly knowledgeable on each of the wines, their wineries, the owners of the wineries and what made each wine so special.


I was hoping that the whole evening would be more interactive like them giving us one wine at a time and going through and talking about what flavors we should be pulling out, much like a wine tasting but this was not that. By the time I got to the third and fourth wines, I had forgotten the notes he had mentioned about them.

The third wine did turn out to be our favorite of the night, we weren’t duly impressed with the other selections.


I would probably purchase this wine if I saw it at Central.

To accompany our wines, we were given a tasting plate.


Found on the plate: a small bowl of mixed nuts, half of an avocado filled with a balsamic reduction, olive tapenade, some sort of a unorthodox peach salsa, a cheese similar to brie, a couple of crostini’s, shredded pork topped with lightly picked vegetables, and a couple pieces of crusty bread.

Everything tasted delicious but my one complaint would be that i would have liked to have more bread and crostini to put all the fabulous bites on! Half way through, we were just eating bites of avocado and tapenade with no vehicle other than an fork.

All in all, we enjoyed the experience and can see ourselves coming back for more. For $30 for the both of us, the price is definitely right for us. This would also make a really fun Girls Night Out, assuming I had girlfriends to go out with.

Which I don’t.


5 Responses

  1. Wow that sounds like an awesome deal! My FI and I have just started trying different wines. That’s really cool they gave you a tasting plate for the flight.

    P.s. Making your husband’s caesar salad tonight!

    • Good luck with the Caesar! I sure hope you and your fiancee enjoy it.

      FYI ~ The dressing I made the other night was enough for four people. I just used half and saved the rest for some other time.

  2. When I go visit you, we will go there. Promise ❤

  3. If I were there I’d go with you (although I’m no substitute for a girl friend), but I love ya!

  4. I would totally go with you, too!! I’ve never met you, but what fun you are!!! My friend and I read your blog religiously. Hm, we should just come and visit you!

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