New Food: Steel Cut Oats

New, new, new!


Found: at Costco! I am a huge fan of Costco and every time I see a product I support, I immediately purchase it even though I don’t necessarily need it at that moment just because I want Costco to keep restocking it! I’ve done this in the past with agave nectar, Food Should Taste Good chips, and organic grass-fed beef. Other products I love: Maranatha Almond Butter, wild sock-eye salmon, larabars, and Chobani. Long gone are the days of Costco’s aisles being filled with gallons of ketchup, more toilet paper than you have room to stock, and random office supplies. They are getting on the organic bandwagon and I love it!


Bob’s Red Mill is a brand that I have been been very loyal to over the years and their muesli is my absolute favorite! I also love that they are semi-local being that they are out of Oregon, my neighbor to the south.


Steel cut oats are something I’ve seen around the blog world for years now and I don’t know why I’ve never given them a shot. These oats are higher in protein than standard rolled oats and had texture more similar to large grits or bulgur.

So we proceeded to make 1 cup of steel cut oats (like our normal rolled oat portion), 2 cups of soymilk, and 1 cup of water. (1 cup extra liquid.)


We had a bit of a over-flow when the water/soymilk got boiling so our oats were a tad undercooked but I could tell they were nuttier and firmer – definitely not as creamy as the rolled variety.


One serving is 1/4 cup dry, same as rolled oats, but I usually have more like 1/3 of a cup and the husband has about 2/3’s.

With our oats, I chopped up a Washington Fuji, mixed with butter and a little nutmeg and heated it up in the microwave for 3 minutes, stirring at each minute interval.


New bowls from my Foodie Gift Exchange from the Foodbuzz Festival! Thanks, Monica!


The steel cut oats were really filling. I only put away half of my portion of oats and about 75% of the apples.


I think I might actually prefer the steel cut oats over the rolled oats. For some reason, they seem more wholesome to me? Maybe it is because they are slightly nuttier. I am definitely excited to add them to my breakfast repertoire! 060


2 Responses

  1. I don’t like the squidginess of oatmeal, but I wonder if I’d like steel cut oats because they’re more like, say, a risotto?

  2. I tried steel cut oats at Jamba juice one day and haven’t looked back. I get their ‘Very Berry Cherry’ w/o brown sugar. STO’s are the best. They have so much more flavor.Here are some things I have learned.
    1. You don’t have to use the milk. It keeps the calories down of you don’t.
    2. You can make a large batch and use a little less water then use them as a quick reheat meal all throughout the week by adding a little milk to them and then microwave.
    3. They are easy to mix protein powder into.
    4. They travel well in the car for eating on the run.
    5. They DO make a microwave kind. I’ve found it at Fred Meyer and it takes about 2 min to cook them altogether. Great if you didn’t have time to make your ‘stock’ for the week over the weekend.
    6. It’s really hard to screw them up. Unlike rolled oats or rice on the stove…


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