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Foodbuzz Gala Dinner

This is how my night ended. FBZFEST Gala Dinner 178

Yep. That’s about right!

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 181

Foodbuzz knows how to throw a party!

The Gala dinner last night was stellar. It was held in the Ferry Building and was a gorgeous location!

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 050

We started with drinks outside.

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 024FBZFEST Gala Dinner 028

All of the wine was Bonny Doon and most of it was fabulous.

FBZFEST Gala Dinner MOM 036

There were passed hors d’oeurves that were fabulous. These little polenta thingies were melt in your mouth delicious! So buttery!

FBZFEST Gala Dinner MOM 042FBZFEST Gala Dinner 027

We had a great time chatting it up with fellow foodies!

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 031 FBZFEST Gala Dinner 033 After nearly an hour, we all went inside and found seats.

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 036FBZFEST Gala Dinner MOM 056

A sign that a good night is coming?

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 057

Yep, 5 wine glasses. And we were fortunate enough to have empty seats on either side of us and a very generous (and fabulous) server that hooked us up with double the wine for our “friends” in those seats! You do the math.

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 150

And a phenomenal menu:

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 040 FBZFEST Gala Dinner 092FBZFEST Gala Dinner 102

These scallops were the best dish of the evening! Seared to perfection!

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 116 FBZFEST Gala Dinner 109FBZFEST Gala Dinner 112FBZFEST Gala Dinner 128

The food was amazing. The service was fantastic. I loved the bartenders, the waiters, everyone! Thank you so much, Foodbuzz! This weekend was such a treat!

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 136FBZFEST Gala Dinner MOM 005 FBZFEST Gala Dinner 145FBZFEST Gala Dinner 165FBZFEST Gala Dinner MOM 016

Sufficiently stuffed, we tromped our way up Market street and eventually hailed a cab back to the hotel and saddled up in The Starlight Room for cocktails.

FBZFEST Gala Dinner 174

It’s my mom’s birthday today so we totally took advantage of that as soon as the clocks hit midnight!

FBZFEST Gala Dinner MOM 027 FBZFEST Gala Dinner MOM 039

Happy Birthday, Momma!

10 Responses

  1. Nice meeting you. Fun times this weekend!! Look forward to following you. Cheers!

  2. It really was a fantastic weekend! It was a pleasure meeting you and your mom! Hope you had a safe trip home!

  3. Your trip looked like SO much fun! I am happy to see you and your momma having a blast. 🙂 I’ve never been to SanFran but I’m afraid to; everyone who has been said I’d never want to leave. I hear it is my type of place. I am loving all the pictures ❤

  4. Happy belated b-day momma!!! SO awesome finally getting to speak face to face this weekend. Let’s make a habit out of it… mmmkay? 😉

  5. lovely event looks like fun

  6. I’m so glad I got to with your mom a happy birthday in the elevator! You two are adorable!


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