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Bites & Tastes

My feet hurt!

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 104

But I’m not complaining!

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 005

This afternoon, we headed to the Taste Pavilion at the Metreon.

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 011FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 134

I loved the building but I loved the park outside it even more!

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 108FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 112FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 117FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 127FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 128FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 131FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 136FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 144FBZFEST Taste Pavilion MOM 093

We hiked up to the fourth floor and there were amazing views to be had!

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 013FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 017FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 019FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 022FBZFEST Taste Pavilion MOM 055

We were immediately greeted by wine glass – this is a good thing usually but I was a tad wined out from last night still!

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 024

So I filled it with popcorn instead!

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 028

Really, really good popcorn!

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 027

The curry one was obviously my favorite!

(I’m only highlighting the memorable things! There was much more!)

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 036

^^^ That picture makes me lol. 1) Look at the dude looking at Susan. 2) Susan’s smooshed face into the camera.

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 044 FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 045 FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 048FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 060FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 073

We definitely waited at least half an hour in line for the Alaska Seafood fish tacos.

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 079 FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 082FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 084FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 040FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 087

Carribean Jerk FTW!

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 089FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 094      FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 098

I love that Foodbuzz is helping local businesses but I’m kind of bummed that I won’t have access to a lot of these goods! Luckily, many/most can be ordered online!

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 101 FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 052 

After we got our fill, Mom & I walked around the park a bit before heading back to the hotel to rest our feet. There are no signs of November here!

FBZFEST Taste Pavilion MOM 110FBZFEST Taste Pavilion MOM 112FBZFEST Taste Pavilion MOM 101

Except this one!

FBZFEST Tasting Pavilion 122

I have a feeling this is as close to snow as San Fran is going to get this year!


2 Responses

  1. I recognize that place, I’m having so much fun with you!

  2. It looks like the weather in SF was perfect!

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