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Southwestern Spaghetti

Before I get to the delicious eats, just an update!

Yesterday, I went to the GI specialist (see why here) and I must say that this doctor was much more thorough than the last. Thank goodness.

BUT the crap doctor totally dropped the ball and didn’t have my records sent over which basically means that the appointment was a waste of time.

Awesome, right?

I know.

I also waited for over an hour to see the doctor and was pretty pissed about it. But he was apologetic and nice and thorough so I can’t complain too much.

He boiled it down to two options without seeing my records:

1) It’s an inflammation issue. This would require an endoscopy/colonoscopy [shudders] to take tissue samples and diagnose.

2) It’s dietary. Read: probably a gluten intolerance. Which is what I’ve been leaning towards all along but have been instructed to not change my diet so it doesn’t alter any test results.

So where are we at now? Well, I have a follow up in a couple of weeks and in the meantime, I’m supposed to have more fiber. And back load it in the day. Fiber = upset tummy so if I do excess (read: Metamucil) at night, I’ll be sleeping through the tummy ache.

And now that I feel like a 76 year old woman, how about some good food?


Remember when I went to Phoenix and my childhood friend hooked me up with some kick butt pastas (spinach basil garlic & wild mushroom)? Well, I tackled the last one of the three.


This one was Chili Cilantro. The aroma opening the package was amazing! It almost burned my nostrils – the chili flavor was so intense! You  know I love my spice! You couldn’t even taste the cilantro flavor at all really. Which is a bummer but it was still delicious!

I wanted to compliment the flavors of the pasta so I roasted a pan of red bell pepper, onion, lima beans, corn and grape tomatoes sprinkled with Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning then tossed it in with the cooked noodles and a bit of oil and a handful of leftover roasted chicken.


My word, it was fabulous. I gobbled it right up!

Right now, I am debating on how much I love this pasta if it is worth shipping up from Arizona or if I can find some delicious flavored pasta up here.

All of this may be null and void if I have to do the gluten-free route so I’ve decided to hold off on purchasing anymore grains until we know more.


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