How To Be a Tacky Tourist

First step: hit up your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and hunt for the most ridiculous pattern-filled wardrobe you can imagine.


Remember: It’s all in the details folks!

What I was rockin’:


A ridiculous hat, ridiculous make-up that these pictures really don’t do justice. Hot pink lips and bright green eyeshadow? No thank you! Oh, and the rockin’ earrings from the 80’s.


Tacky scarf, shell necklace, and chums with sunglasses and apparently a triple chin.


Mis-buttoned print shirt and patterned capris.


Sandals closely resembling octopi?


An AARP bag with sun block and bug spray.


And a tacky bag that expands for all the shopping I’m about to do. The more patterns the better!

343 344

And a travel companion, obvs.


We can’t forget the maps!


Or the polaroid….


More patterns ensue… and a rockin’ fanny pack!


He’s got his chums and sunglasses and shell necklace too!


And a Washingtonian won’t get anywhere without socks and sandals!


And we can’t forget about the hat!


And yes, we carried the luggage around as well!


At the party, we actually ran into another tourist!


What do you guys think? I think we did it better. Tackier. We talked about doing the sunscreen nose thing and thought it would be a bit much.

We had a great time checking out all the other guests at the party!

In attendance:

Olive Oyl + Popeye (the hosts!)
Alice Cooper
Redneck Santa
A trannie?
A few pirates
A gold digger (lol)
Dr. Evil
A doctor and his nurses
A Greek Goddess
A couple of witches

A bumble bee

And a bunch more!

009 010 011 013 014012025

The food spread was decent – and I totally mobbed on it all.

008 016

And washed it down with some Pumpkin Ale.


But not too much because I took notes from this guy:


Things might have gotten a little crazy.

163177149 172

And there was definitely some musical hats going on!

157170185 188

Redneck Santa got a little confused by what holiday it was…

027042 029059   

It made for a good laugh!


Yes, he gave the trannie a sausage. L. O. L.

We had a really good time and we’re happy we went! Driving home at midnight in the pouring rain was not fun however. But today is looking gorgeous so hopefully the trick-or-treaters tonight will stay dry!


2 Responses

  1. Love the costumes!

    There was a Slash at the party I went to too.

  2. OMG I think those were MY earrings from the 80s and I was wondering where my AARP bag went off to? You two were absolutely the best! Glad you said yes.

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