An ABsolute Workout

After stuffing my face the past couple of days, I was more than ready to dive into a massive salad at lunch today!


I told ya it was massive!


I rocked a new Halloween platter, [yes a platter, not to be confused by a plate] that the boy happened to snag for me at Goodwill on Friday!


The explosive salad has spinach, chicken, craisens, tomatoes, mushroom, onion, almond slivers, and a homemade vinaigrette and it totally rocked.


I needed a massive nutrient packed lunch to get me through the workout I had planned for us this afternoon! I went to my favorite resource: Susan. I wrote down the deets of the Full Body Workout Numero Dos and we headed to the gym.

  Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
1a Assisted Pull-up 100# offset, x12 100# offset, x12 100# offset, x12
1b Plank 60 sec 60 sec 60 sec
2a BB Lunge 9#, x12 9#, x12 9#, x12
2b Side Plank 30 sec x2 30 sec x2 30 sec x2
3a BB Curl 30#, x12 30#, x12 30#, x9
3b Skull Crusher 15#, x12 15#, x12 15#, x12
3c BB Upright Row 30#, x12 30#, x12 30#, x12
4a Squat w/ Med Ball 4#, x12 4#, x12 4#, x12
4b Russian Twist 4#, x12 4#, x12 4#, x12
5a Plank Ups 60 sec, on knees 60 sec, on knees 60 sec, on knees
5b DB Pullover 15#, x12 15#, x12 15#, x12

So the Huz and I had a laugh attack in the middle of doing lunges. Good times. He was being inappropriate.

The 3rd superset on our arms felt really good and that was my fav. But my wrist locked up on the last set which kind of sucked.

The plank-ups were puketastic.

I also did a 10 min warm-up on the stair stepper and did some stretching after. And we walked the dog a mile before we went.

My shoulders are wrecked and my ass hurts.

I feel damn good about our day.

Then I made brownies. Black Bean Brownies again. A totally different (and vegan) recipe courtesy of Happy Herbivore. My dad is on the hunt for the perfect GF brownie to make at home. He cant have oats either but I wanted to try the recipe as is before I know whether it is worth it to dink with it or not to meet his diet needs.

I was worried they would be too banana-y flavored. And they were. And almost too fudgy. I’m feeling like the Goldilocks of Black Bean Brownies now! We still managed to put 1/3 of the batch away.

I also roasted a bird for Sunday dinner! I’m going to try to get creative with the leftovers for meals this week.


Tonight, I paired it with sweet potato and a pile of green beans the size of a small state!


And it was fantastical.


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