Wining & Dining

One of the ways I find the easiest to show people, especially the men in my life, the love and appreciation that I have for them is through their stomachs.

I’ve been known to surprise them with beer, cook them their favorite meals, or take them to their favorite restaurants.

This weekend, I attempted all of the above for my dad!


He was hard at work all day today under my car!


We got new front and rear brake pads and a new muffler installed. It only took 3 extra trips to the auto parts store!

210214 216

While the men worked on the car, I worked in the kitchen. In my pajamas. Until 1pm. Yes, I did.


But the wining & dining started last night as soon as we got in to town!

For dinner, we treated my dad to Siren’s.


All I wanted was a kick butt salad and we racked our brains about a good place for a bomb salad that would also have something more substantial on the menu for my meat-loving men. 

I found my salad.

183198    And Jodus found the meat.

181 199

And we all found beer.


Two Stella’s for me!


(BTW – I almost didn’t recognize myself in this picture! No make-up and my hair is getting so light!)

Two Guinness for the Huz and two PT Porter’s for my pop!


Dinner was sooo good! Totally hit the spot!

Today, I worked on some Black Bean Brownies for my gluten-free dieting Dad!


Meh, they were decent. Very cake-like. I’d prefer them to be fudgier. The recipe is a work in progress. That didn’t stop us from eating half the pan already!

I also made a spooktacular Halloween dish for our party tonight… post to come!

Dad wrapped up the car around 1pm so we treated him to lunch!

We wandered around downtown for a minute until we decided on an Asian Noodle joint that he hadn’t been to in years that seemed diet friendly!


I was happily surprised to see a family friends artwork all over the walls!


They were also quite festive in their Halloween decor!

275 277

I started with a small pot of green hojicha tea.


It was very earthy! I liked it! Cute pot too!

I went with one of their specials: Spicy Thai Basil Stir-fry with rice.


Jodus’ got the Yakisoba.


(I’ve never seen yakisoba made with ramen noodles before!)

And Dad got a chicken curry and rice.


I think we were all really happy with our meals!

Treating Dad to two meals this weekend was totally worth it! His manual labor saved us a ton on car repairs! I’m so grateful he’s a handy guy and I know he doesn’t mind helping us out! I think he’s going to do the Huz’s brakes over Turkey Day weekend while we’re up there!

And I’m totally down with using food and beer as bribes!

And I’m really happy my car isn’t squeaking and rattling anymore! I was feeling pretty ghetto!

Thank you, Daddy!! oxooxx


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