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Sort of Getting it Together

Well, it’s been over a week since we made some goals for ourselves to essentially get our shit together. So how have we been doing?

1) Get a Schedule and Stick to it.

Well, we got a schedule. And we stuck to it. Last week.


This week? Not so much. I’m going to play the blame game. Jodus has been working overtime in preparation for an audit at work. My excuse? I don’t have one. We haven’t worked out once this week. Or yoga-ed. And we walked Pippin once. But in our defense on that last note, the weather has been miserable.


We are remorseful at our laziness and have high aspirations to turn it back around. Only sticking to it one week is pretty pathetic if you ask me. And we have a busy weekend planned so we are going to have to accommodate that as well. But we are working on it. I swear.

2) During the work week, we are only permitting ourselves to watch one 1-hr TV show and that’s it.

We’ve stayed true to this one! Some nights, we don’t even have a show to watch so we just internet and read or *gasp* talk to each other! It’s been nice, I think. We’ve tackled some pretty serious topics already. Like taxes. And what projects we want to DIY. And how the hell are we going to afford a trip to Texas next year. And what are we doing for Christmas gifts this year. What to do for our one-year anniversary.


You know, the important stuff.

3) Volunteer

We/I have looked into this and we are almost for sure volunteering at the Food Bank on November 20th. And we are both highly interested in doing Habitat For Humanity… when the weather gets better.


I also explored being a dog walker for the local Humane Society but they want a 6 month commitment and I don’t know how I feel about that.

4) Reinstate Professional Development Night

Last week, we did this. We chose Wednesday nights. But then we decided Tuesdays would be better since we have yoga lined up on Wednesdays (which we failed to do but that’s neither here nor there). I’m still kind of ‘meh’ on this one. I have to really figure out if I want to go for my Series 7 or not and if so, start studying.

image That’s what I’m leaning toward at the moment anyway. At least if I’m not actually professionally developing, I’m thinking about it so that’s a step in the right direction. Also, does blog work count? Because obviously I’d love to make that more of a semi-profession (ha!). It’s an investment. I think it should count. I’m counting it. So there.

5) Say YES.

I don’t really think we’ve had any opportunities to say “yes” in the past week or so. BUT that Halloween party I mentioned is this next weekend and we are looking forward to it. I guess we said yes to volunteering so does that count? Oh, and Christina came over this past weekend so that socialization was really quite nice. Though I’ve been pleading with her since we moved to come visit and it only took 11 weeks. Not that anyone is counting.


So I guess that’s it for now.

In other news, I’m still calorie counting and doing pretty good. Still seeing my highs on the weekends and coming in lower during the week. Halloween will be a doozie for sure.


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