For the Love of Cauliflower

Alternate title: How to Feed 4 on $5

Cauliflower is a highly underrated vegetable.


It’s been relegated to being the last veggies left on a devoured vegetable tray. It’s only tolerated when consumed with copious amounts of ranch. He’s always compared to his brighter cousin, Broccoli.

Poor, poor cauliflower.


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t have a lot of flavor. But that’s one of the really awesome things about it. It can even act as super covert ninja mashed potatoes. I mean, that right there is enough to redeem itself! … Right?

When I saw this bad boy at the grocery store for 58 cents a pound, this broke beeyatch snagged up the smallest one I could find.


$1.15, yo!

And to make it fab, I used my top 2 secrets to making any vegetable rock:

1) Season It


Oh the power of curry!

[Side note: I buy my spices from the bulk section at Central Market and just reuse old jars! They are so much fresher that way! AND cheaper!]

2) Roast It


I don’t know what it is about roasted veggies but they are uh-mazing. I just spray my foiled pan in olive oil, spray the veggies, roast away at 450* for 30 minutes or so.

Voila! Fab veg!


So even though I could devour a straight up pan of roasted curried cauliflower, I bet the Huz would look at me funny so instead, I throw it in a pot with some onion, garlic, a can of rinsed chickpeas, and a can of drained diced tomato.


Add some salt, more curry powder, maybe some cumin to taste. A dash of cayenne wouldn’t hurt either.

Just before serving, toss in a couple handfuls of spinach for some green!


Served over some basmati rice and BAM! You have a kick butt ridiculously easy yet delicious cauliflower chickpea curry that rocks the bank coming in under $5. Well, when you buy all the ingredients at Costco, anyway.

028 030

Glorious, hu? I’m especially loving the white paint spot on our walls. Ahh the wonders of a rental.

At least the kitchen is functional.



3 Responses

  1. This looks amazing!!!!

  2. I am one of those people that LOVE cauliflower. My fave is in soup. MMMmmmmm. And when you want to hate a kitchen, come to my place. I swear it will make you want to run. It is TINY and I hate it, but it’s functional. I do however want to kick my electric stove every time I have to touch it. I miss fire.

  3. I love cauliflower. I usually steam it. I’ve yet to try roasting veggies…Have you tried mashing them like mashed potatoes?

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