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I was sad to send Christina back to the other side of the water this afternoon.


It was so nice having her here this weekend!

Last night, for dinner, we did a crockpot dinner and frankly, it turned out really blah so I won’t waste your time with the recipe.


We watched ridiculous movies all night and ate chocolate and crashed.

We had a nice leisurely morning and didn’t even get around to breakfast until after 10! We were all dandy just sitting around with our coffees!

Christina requested breakfast burrito so that’s what she got!


But we only had 2 little tortillas left so I made the boy a breakfast sandwich.


And then there was only one piece of bread left so I had an open-face sammie.


3 different breakfasts for 3 different people!


Much more lounging ensued. Christina actually mentioned how nice it was that she still got a real weekend on the trip! I can appreciate that! I like a good weekend myself!

Besides, it was pouring out!


For lunch, we hit up Boston’s, a pizza joint by the ferry terminal.

041 028

I always wanted to go just because it’s Boston and I love my Red Sox!

029031 032

It was a total sort of dive restaurant pizzeria joint!


We split a BBQ chicken pizza. This sucker was huge!


And it was really simple. Just chicken, BBQ sauce, and cheese on homemade crust.


I had one piece with some of the cheese picked off.


I really liked it! The crust was perfection! I think that Jodus and Christina didn’t have the same sort of appreciation for it that I did. The simplicity of it was divine. A nice change of pace.

And then she was off!


We took care of some errands and headed home and hit the Scrabble board!

Dinner rolled around and we were itching for something reasonably simple and light.

I made a quick and easy pasta dish.


The moneymaker was the shiitake mushrooms!


For the pasta, I used some Tempe, AZ pasta – Wild Mushroom Linguine.


It wasn’t as good as the spinach pesto but it did have a nice earthy dimension to it.

I sautéed the mushroom in some Smart Balance with garlic, salt, and pepper.


I used Caitlin’s spinach wilting trick tonight!


With a sprinkle of parmesan on top! Ready in under 20 minutes! Love it!


Not too shabby!

I’m off to kick my husband’s butt at Scrabble for once!

3 Responses

  1. Wow… looks like you had a really great weekend, and that pizza looks fab 🙂
    The pasta dish look pretty yummy too, I shall be adding to to my “to try” recipe book xxx

  2. I so want to try that pasta! Can you hook a mother up? I agree with you about the pizza, too much can be, well, too much! The crust looks like they use a fire oven, nice.

  3. […] Phoenix and my childhood friend hooked me up with some kick butt pastas (spinach basil garlic & wild mushroom)? Well, I tackled the last one of the […]

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