Saturday with a Friend!

Yay! Christina is here!


We’ve had a lovely day so far! We picked her up from the ferry, did some unsuccessful shopping, and did headed to lunch… at Silvercity! She had the hankering for some fish & chips and we happened to be at the mall so we just popped over the the brewery! Lucky boy.


We got seated upstairs – a first for me in all our times dining there!


Boo and I “split” a sampler. She’s not into beer at all and I was desperate for her to try some out!


She liked Jodus’ ESB the best, Ridgetop Red second best and all the others were “nasty”. Haha. So I drank them all. Hefe, Ta Ta Wheat, a Stout, Porter, and Scotch Ale. YUM. I really am getting into the dark brews!


For lunch, I ordered the crab + artichoke sandwich.


I didn’t read very closely apparently. It was smothered in cheese. My body will hate me for this but it was really good. Like an amped up tuna melt. But better.

The boy did the Big Daddy Burger.


And Christina got her fix for fish & chips!


We’re chillaxing with a scary movie now!

Happy Saturday!


3 Responses

  1. Looks like such a fun time … yay for friends! : )

    (Except for the scary movie … I hate scary movies because I never forget them! haha)

  2. Sounds like a fab day for all of you. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 The crab melt sounds yummy, might have to try that for myself soon!
    Love the blog btw
    Maria xoxo

  3. The beer looks delicious! I’ve had a nasty cold for a week so not much fun adult activities going on (like beer samples)!

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