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So, Now What?

Yesterday, I opened up about how I’ve been feeling with the direction of my/our life lately.

So I’ve identified the issues and what I want to change.

Now what?

The boy and I put our heads together to come up with some little changes that we can make to hopefully get us back on the right track.

1) Create a schedule and stick to it.

It’s no secret we’ve been sucking at the gym routine as of late. Even the worker at the gym this morning pointed out we haven’t been in 47 days. Well, that’s only mostly true. We did go on Saturday morning but their computer was down so it didn’t register but still, a 44 day hiatus is nothing to be proud of.

Part of our trouble was that we were “trying” to go every morning before work. Hearing the alarm go off at 4:45 every morning was brutal. And my poor husband would give in to my sleepy grumbling to go back to bed.

Yep, that’s right. I was the lazy bone.

So after doing some consulting, we’ve developed a new plan that will hopefully work for us.

Monday: Yoga after work

Tuesday: Gym before work

Wednesday: Yoga after work

Thursday: Gym before work

Friday: Off*

Saturday: Gym first thing in the morning, most likely just wake up naturally.

Sunday: Rest.

*We generally have every other Friday off so on the Friday’s that we don’t work, I’d like to do something active and fun outside of our norm. Like hiking, checking out a new park, maybe even ice skating or something equally ridiculous.

So that gives us 3 days a week at the gym, and 2 days of yoga a week, and we’ll also be walking the dog nearly daily. The idea of get up early twice a week is significantly less daunting than 5x a week AND we successfully managed to do so already this morning so SCORE!

I don’t expect to follow our schedule 100%. It’s more of a guideline. But I figure if we follow it 80/80 (80% of it, 80% of the time) we are doing about a thousand times better than we were.

So that’s that.

And I understand that schedules don’t work for everyone but I need the structure of it.

2) During the work week, we are only permitting ourselves to watch one 1-hr TV show and that’s it.

No movies, no marathons of Dexter. One show. That’s it.

Hopefully, with not getting sucked into a movie or something, this will allow us to make better use of our time. I envision us reading more, getting stuff done around the house, and *gasp* spending more quality time together.

Last night, we curled up in front of the fireplace, reading for nearly an hour. It was divine.

Granted, I know I will probably end up utilizing some extra time on the weekend to get caught up on my shows [Grey’s, Private Practice, ANTM, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, House, Biggest Loser] but I have also been known to sneak in a show in the morning while cooking breakfast and goofing on the internet and blogging. This is not off limits so rock on.

3) Volunteer

So I actually got onto this topic yesterday with my boss during our Quarterly Business Planning Meeting and I totally jacked the idea from my former supervisor.

As a way to set ourselves apart from the average holiday card to clients, my boss and I are going to volunteer through his church this holiday season and pay it forward. So in our holiday card we’ll send out, we’ll talk about the work that we’re doing and ask others to do the same anyway that they can. I think that it will be a nice touch and it is a good thing to do.

When I brought the idea home to the Huz, he was definitely interested. He’s apparently been wanting to do volunteer work as well. In college, we both did a lot of volunteer work through organizations we were involved in so it will be nice to get back into it.

In addition to it just being a nice thing, we are also hoping to maybe meet some new people, it will definitely get us out of the house, and it won’t cost us anything but our time so it won’t hinder our efforts to reduce our overall debt.

4) Reinstate Professional Development Night

So I’m aware that this may sound totally ridiculous but last year, when I was mega depressed with my job and thinking I was going nowhere fast and we were frustrated with our commutes, we decided that every Wednesday night, we would devote our time to furthering our careers. Some how, some way.

For the boy, this is going to mean looking into Masters programs primarily. He’s got a solid job that has huge potential to be a life-long career that he could be happy in.

For me, well, it’s a little more complicated. I’m going to have to basically figure out what the heck I want to do with my life. I love my job and my boss right now and there is definitely room for a little bit of upward mobility there. I could get licensed and become and associate advisor but that’s a bit of a ways out. So I could preemptively start studying for the Series exams.

OR, I could listen to my adoring husband and try to get in with the government as well which would probably be a good thing in the long run and would help our efforts to get to Italy but I would be really butt-hurt to leave my job any time within the next year because we have some really kick butt things going on. So there is that to look into.

My third option is to actually try out the nutrition thing again. If you are a long time reader, you will know that I’ve been going back to school off and on in an attempt to better my college GPA and take some more pre-reqs in the futile attempt to get into a graduate level nutrition program. Basically, the short story is, we couldn’t/can’t afford it. But I don’t want to totally negate this as an option. Now that we are married, I’d like to look into alternative programs and some financial aid things that may allow me to actually pursue this again.

So basically, the whole idea of this item is for us to take charge of our future. And even if it is just one night a week of exploring options, something is bound to come of it sooner or later.

5) Say YES.

That’s all. Just say yes.

Example: Our friend, Eric, is hosting a Halloween party at his diggs on the 30th. We got the invite via email and went back and forth on if we wanted to go.

The downside, we would have to figure out a costume, and bring a dish, and generally be social beings and it is a little outside our comfort zone.

Eventually, Jodus just said &!*$ it, and RSVPed yes. Groans ensued. Well, I guess it could be fun. I guess. We weren’t really into the whole idea but something has gotta give and Eric has been a good friend of Jodus’ for years.

So then, on Friday after work, we traipsed around to all the Halloween shops in town. We really didn’t want an out-of-the-package-overpriced-costume. But we shopped around for ideas. Honestly, it was a little frustrating. So we stopped, ate, got liquored up, and went sweater shopping instead.

Saturday, we swung into Goodwill and one of the manikins was just calling to me. Suddenly, I got really excited and we zipped around the store laughing and threw down 50 bones on pure ridiculousness for this party we didn’t even really want to go to in the first place.

And now I am excited to go. Really. I’m looking forward to it.

So the new motto? Just do it.


So that’s what I have so far. If you have any other genius ideas, I’d love to hear it. I think we are off to a good start. We’ve already got some added reading and a couple workouts under our belt but then again, it’s only basically Day Two. It’s kind of like New Year Resolutions where everyone ends up flaking out before it is time to flip the calendar to February.

Here’s hoping that isn’t us!


6 Responses

  1. Love this post – it’s like you just totally looked inside my brain, and wrote everything I’ve been thinking lately (esp the professional development stuff) – good luck my dear!

  2. I think your action plan is a solid one. It’s not ridiculous and it’s a reachable goal! Good Job!

    I should learn this from you, and I’ve tried, but I’m the lazy one too.

    Tips: Go to a museum. Most of the times, if you look them up before you go, there are FREE nights. This takes care of two things: educational/visual stimulation & walking.

  3. I LOVE “professional development night” and I’m totally ganking the idea, so thanks!!!
    A friend of mine is doing “The Month of Yes” and so far, she’s loving it. Good luck to you & Jodus and saying YES!

  4. Great job on setting some realistic goals. You have put in some flexibility and haven’t overwhelmed yourselves with too much scheduling. That can get pretty daunting and frustrating.

    I have to say that also, it is great that you are both into this. I don’t know of any other couple that is so in line with each others’ plans like you two are. Usually it’s one dragging the other onward or, eventually, one dragging you both down. Also, the other person is distracting when they are not doing the same thing you are, for whatever reason. I have wanted to go back to school for some time but I would so much rather spend time with Chase so I could never focus on studying. It’s hard. Now that he is away for a while. I am taking the LSAT in Dec and applying for law school. It just took him leaving the country to give me some focus!

    My friend and her husband and then the employees of the company she owns each adopts a family. You help them out in any way you are able. It can be just at Christmas through your company but with you and Jodus it can be all year. And then there’s always dog walking or dog running at the local shelter for your weekend workouts!

    Great job to the both of you.

  5. I think this is a very smart idea! I totally need to do something like this myself. If your looking to volunteer, try volunteermatch.com . it matches you with cool gigs based on your hobbies and profession.

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