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Wake Up Call

Last year, around this time, I was working full time, going to school part time, and getting ready to pick up another part time job. I was also commuting 45 minutes to work and school, Jodus was ferrying across the water to work and we were pretty much miserable.

A lot has changed this year. Obviously, the wedding was huge, and then the move. We’ve been on this side of the water now for almost three months. (Need a geography lesson?)

A lot has changed in just these three months! The biggest change?


We added a family member.

And we have a lot more time on our hands with the reduced commutes.

And we really like our new house. (Want a tour?)

But the other day, my insightful husband asked me a question that got me thinking. It was something along the lines of, “What do you see our lives like in 5 years?”

I hope we are in Italy.

I hope we have successful careers that make us happy.

I hope that we are happy and healthy and working our way towards being debt free.

And then I realized something.

Something has got to change.

We’ve been here, in our new residence for nearly three months. That’s ample time to be settled. We generally have a lot more time on our hands.

But what have we been doing?

Not much. That’s for sure. I think we’ve watched more movies. We’ve definitely played more Scrabble. Movies and Scrabble. Really? That’s bullshit, Leah. We need to actually start working toward our goals. Enough putting stuff off. Enough being lazy. (And I am really lazy.)

We really thought that the change of scenery and shortened commutes would result in a completely different life style.

I think I just had a wake up call.

I want to see things and do things and be more active. I want to get back on track with exercise. I want to get crafty and do DIY projects. I want to eat more vegetables. I want to make friends. [We are so lonely here, it hurts. Ok, maybe not we but definitely me. I have no friends to turn to and I feel like it is hurting my relationship with my husband.] I want to turn off the TV. Disconnect the laptop. I want to do more reading. I want to have people over. I want to be social. I’m tired of just holing up. I need fresh air.

And things are going to just change on their own, and certainly not just because we moved to a new county. And a county that has notoriously less to do than our former.

So that’s it. I’m just going to do it. Just do it. Enough talking about what we want, I’m going to take it. For myself, and for my family.


4 Responses

  1. Good for you! Its hard to break out of a slump…but I know you can do it. I hope you’re in Italy too!

  2. Oh girl, I know how it feels to be complaining about something but realizing that you aren’t really doing anything to change it. The whole “sh*t or get off the pot” thing. So…what’s next? Now that you identified what you want, what are the steps you’re going to take to make new friends, eat more veggies, etc…?

  3. Identifying the issues is definitely a major step and realizing that they take real work to change. If you can figure out what tiny steps you can take and take them you will see results and be motivated to keep going in that direction. I started running a year ago last month after saying I want to run for years, once I started I had to keep it up or I’d “lose” it.
    I’m also not very social, I’m completely happy “holing up” but when I started reaching out to people more, I realized I had to hold up my end of the friendship to keep it up, I can’t just stay at home allll the time for me it’s something I have to work at a bit, but it is definitely worth it.

  4. Oohhh, Leah. I TOTALLY get where you are coming from with this. Over a year ago I was bored and unhappy living in Fredericton. I thought a new apartment and settling into my new job would help. It didn’t. I lost my ability to socialize with people and my relationship suffered from it. Choosing to move to Toronto was THE scariest thing I ever did. Most people thought I was crazy. But I did learn that it does’t matter where you’re living or what job you’re doing. If you’re unhappy in a small town, you could be just as unhappy living anywhere else. What I HAVE learned here is exactly what you touched upon – I had to stop being so socially lazy. I could have had a happening social life back home but I let fear and laziness keep me back. Staying in to read blogs was easier that joining a running club or volunteering with a local charity with people I don’t know.

    P.S I wrote a guest post about meeting people. Maybe some ideas! http://www.lifeafterbagels.com/blog/2010/10/08/guest-post-meeting-new-people-in-a-new-city/

    P.P.S It’s been weeks since I’ve read blogs, what a pleasant surprise to come here and see a gorgeous new header!!!!

    P.P.P.S. We are going to have a BLAST in San Fran.

    Okay. I’m done.

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