Jodus’ poor bank account.

The last couple of days have been hard for it.

  • $70 on sweaters for wife
  • $250 on car parts
  • $70 on flea medicine for the dog
  • $100 on groceries
  • $50 on dinner
  • $50 on Halloween costumes at Goodwill

Life as the breadwinner is hard sometimes. And besides the dinner out last night and the Halloween costumes, it was all stuff that we needed I guess. AND my dad is going to do the work on my car so we’re saving a  butt ton of money there. [Thanks, Pop!] Well, and Pippin probably didn’t need that new squeaky rope toy either.

Either way, swiping the good old debit card that much yesterday hurt! Blech.

At least we had really good eats yesterday to make up for the hemorrhaging bank account!

Breakfast was a mean breakfast sandwich a la Leah!


2 slices of Dave’s slathered in mayo and topped with soysages, spinach, and a Leah-style fried egg.


Eventually, we made our way up to Port Townsend to visit with my dad and have him do a little analysis of my poor Mazda that’s full of funny noises lately.


We had to bring Pippin to visit her grandpoppa!


Turns out, while Pippin was with Dad last week, she made a new friend!


I can’t believe how big Hemi is getting!


We ended up getting there right around lunch time and hit Jordini’s for salad and sandwiches – exactly what I wanted!

037038 040

I ordered the small Spinach Salad topped with gorgonzola, bacon, and a really good vinaigrette.


And a half size BLTA.


And then they brought it out.


Um. So. Much. Food.

Excuse me, is this a “half” sandwich?



Even though it was waaay too much food, I polished off the salad and half the sandwich though I would have been fine with just the salad probably. It was really really good food!

Jodus’ sandwich – a full size Jordini special:


And Dad’s panini:


I think everyone was really happy – and the prices were pretty good! We were all stuffed so that’s a true sign of happiness, right?

We hit up Goodwill next, on the hunt for a costume. Friday night, we went to all the Halloween/party stores in Silverdale and weren’t really thrilled about buying a costume out of a package. So we decided to get creative.

Here’s a clue:


Any guesses on what we are going to be?

Oh, and look at what Dad nabbed me at the Farmer’s Market this morning!


Tiramisu of epic proportions!


YUM! Jodus and I annihilated this bad boy and it was fantastic. Good thing the market is almost over. But we are going back up in two weeks… hmmm…

We headed back to Dad’s and he took a look under my car, called some auto parts shops and we developed a plan of action for fixing my baby up.

And on the drive home, she had an epic milestone!


54321 miles! W00t!

[Don’t worry, Mom! Jodus was driving and I was picture-taking!]

Once we got back home, we dropped off the dog, went to the auto parts store to place our order, ran by my work, went to Costco [closed!], went to Albertson’s, and we were on our way home… or so I thought.


The boy made an impulse decision to go out to dinner at a place I’ve been eyeing ever since we moved here! I guess he didn’t want to help make dinner tonight, haha.

We were kinda scared going in. Looked a little sketch. And you walk through like the kitchen area and employee areas to get to the dining room. Very odd. But the menu was delicious and better yet, we loved our meals!

113 115

I ordered the Falafil Dinner.


Sorry in advance about the shit pictures. I have yet to master lighting on my DSLR. I need to really figure out white balance and such. Oh well. Maybe there will be a Photog session at Foodbuzz Fest?

So anyway, Falafil’s.

The dinner started with a salad.


The dressing had mint in it and was really good.

Dinner: Falafil with rice (topped with cinnamon!) and some lettuce and onion and a tahini sauce.


BOMB. My only complaint is that I could have used more tahini sauce.

Jodus ordered lamb something. I didn’t catch it.


It was freaking delicious. There was roasted tomato and roasted garlic spread on top with a side of this jalapeno lime chutney stuff and babaganoush! It was also annihilated.

We even ate our orange garnish!



Pippin had a pretty good day today too. She got a bunny from Jodus’ mom in the mail!

091 106

We’ve named him Peter Rabbit.

And he’s lasted longer than the toy we got her at Pet Smart this afternoon.

Le sigh.


2 Responses

  1. Brad & Janet, that is my guess 🙂 (RHPS)

    Both the salads look amazing ❤ and I am jealous of your tiramisu! MMmmm

  2. Are you going to be carpet baggers?

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