Grass Fed Moo

Steak and wine at 2:30 in the afternoon?


Don’t mind if I do!

I was stoked out of my mind when we were at Costco last week and saw organic grass fed beef for sale!


I have never seen organic beef at Costco before! Chicken? Yes. Wild salmon? Yes. Happy cows? Never.


So I immediately snatched up the smallest packet they had: 2 New York’s weighing in at 12 oz and 13.5 oz.


Today was the day!

The boy threw them on the grilled after I rubbed them down with some Montreal Steak Seasoning but alas, our propane ran out!

Eek! I knew exactly what to do though – just yesterday I read that Meghann had broiled their steaks successfully!


So in the oven they went!


After 7 minutes, flip, 4 minutes, they were perfectly cooked.


And you can’t have steak without potatoes!


And I made a small spinach salad with pistachios, grape tomatoes, and a homemade vinaigrette.


The boy poured wine, unbeknownst to me!


Back away from the steak, dog!


I ate half of the steak and saved the other half for a rainy day. It was a mighty fine steak and I could have easily devoured it all but self control was exhibited. A rarity these days, I know.

Pretty sure dinner is going to be tiny tonight unless I end up eating at 10pm! Teehee! It was fantabulous for lunch. And we were rockin’ the jammies still.


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